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During the year, I travel to speak at conferences, volunteer training events, and children’s ministry events. If you are looking for a high-quality, funny, and engaging speaker who is passionate about children’s and family ministry, then I’d love to connect with you about your potential speaking opportunity.

Where I’ve been:

  • CMWebsummit Children’s Ministry Conference
  • Engage Children’s Ministry Conferences
  • TeamWorks Children’s Ministry Conference
  • Dallas Theological Seminary
  • Moody Bible Institute
  • Church summer camps
  • Various churches for volunteer training and guest speaking

Available Events:

  • Conferences:
    • Breakout Sessions
    • Keynote Sessions
  • Church Trainings
    • General Volunteer Trainings
    • Ministry Workshops
    • Teacher Trainings
  • Children’s Ministry Events
    • Outreach Events
    • Retreats
    • Special Events

Here are a few of my most popular messages:

Conference Messages:

1. Counseling Parents in Your Church
Do you have parents coming to you, wanting advice on parenting? Feel ill-equipped to answer their questions or guide them in the right direction? This seminar will give you the tools you need to counsel parents well and equip them to be Godly parents in their homes.

2. Utilizing Technology in Children’s Ministry
How can we utilize technology in children’s ministry? It’s doesn’t matter if you still use a typewriter or if you invented Google- come find out what you need to know in order to use technology in children’s ministry, and discover the latest technology that can help you become more effective as a leader in children’s ministry.

3. Unleash the Master Teacher in YOU!
Are you looking for new ways to unleash the power of creative teaching in your children’s ministry? Come find out how YOU can improve your skills and creativity as a teacher and learn over 25 different teaching methods!

4. Training Teenagers to be Children’s Ministry Leaders
Looking for help in your ministry? Teenagers can be the most important team members in a children’s ministry, if you give them the opportunity to be leaders. Here are some strategic ways that you can train and mentor the youth in your church to help lead in your children’s ministry and become leaders in your church right now!

Outreach Events:

1. Take a Tour Through the Bible! (contains magic tricks)

Kid’s Retreats:

1. Be Salt and Light (contains magic tricks)

Volunteer Trainings:

1. Teacher Trainings

2. Three-Hour Ministry Training


*Additionally, a special message can be prepared for any event, so don’t be afraid to ask!

If you are interested in having me as a speaker at your event, please feel free to contact me for more details. An extended speaker resume is available upon request.