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I have consulted for a number of churches, curriculum companies, and non-profit ministries. What kind of help do you need? Consultations are very affordable and high-quality, because I care most about helping you set and reach your ministry goals.

Possible Areas of Consultation for Churches:

  • New Programs: Starting a new program in your ministry is completely possible if you take the necessary steps to start things well.
  • Social Media: Want to connect with the families in your church through social media? Learn how to use this powerful tool to reach more children, share about important events, and equip parents for discipleship.
  • Updating Technology: Sometimes we need to hit the refresh button on update the technology in our ministries. What would be most useful for you?
  • Training Teenage Leaders: Do you have alot of teenage volunteers, but they aren’t really that helpful? No worries- I wrote the book on this topic (no, really, I wrote a full chapter in a book on the topic). Training teenage leaders is simple if you know what to do!
  • Innovation/Improvement: Bring some innovation to your ministry and take it to the next level.
  • Organization: Receive training so that you can use the right tools to save yourself time and money.
  • Creative Teaching: How can you start grabbing the attention of the kids and keep it for more than 30 seconds, every week? It’s all about being a creative teacher.
  • Curriculum Assessment: Every curriculum is designed differently. Do you have what you need for your ministry?
  • …and MORE! Additional areas of consultation available for any ministry.

Areas of Consultation for Other Ministries:

  • Curriculum
  • Social media
  • Marketing
  • Vision Planning
  • …and more!

If interested, please contact me for more details.