Children’s Ministry Conferences in 2015

Children's Ministry Conferences in 2015

Are you looking for a children’s ministry conference to go to in 2015? The conference year is already kicking off, with CPC East taking place this week. If you haven’t already picked a conference to go to, here’s a list of some of the best ones out there:

January 2015:

Jan 21-24: CPC East (Chattanooga, TN)

February 2015:

Feb 6: Children’s Ministry EXPO (St. Louis, MO)

Feb 16-19: CPC West (Ontario, CA)

Feb 20-21: Renewal Conference (Elk Grove, CA)

Feb 28: Teamworks Conference (Rockford, IL)

March 2015:

Mar 5-7: Bass Conference (Castro Valley, CA)

Mar 6: Children’s Ministry EXPO (Tulsa, OK)

Mar 19-21: Northwest Ministry Conference (Redmond, WA)

Mar 27-28: Children’s Ministry Servants Conference (Gardena, CA)

My Top Reads of 2014

My Top Reads of 2014

I read books regularly because I believe ministry leaders need to set the bar high. If we don’t set the bar high, how can we expect our ministry teams and volunteers to grow?

Between reading leadership books, business books, theology books, ministry books, and various books for seminary, I have read a lot this year (probably closer to 100 books, and most of them were good reads at varying levels). Here are my top reads from this year, in no particular order:

1. Teaching to Change Lives by Howard Hendricks

2. Helping Parents Make Disciples by Everett Worthington, Jr. and Kirby Worthington

3. Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath

4. Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman

My Top Posts of 2014

My Top Posts of 2014

Before I reveal the list of my most popular posts from 2014, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who is on the front lines serving in children’s ministry. The entire purpose of KidminTools is to equip you better for ministry to children. Thank you for your faithfulness!

Here are my most popular posts from 2014, decided solely by YOU, the ministry partners and readers of KidminTools:

#1 post of 2014: ALS Ice Bucket Donations Are Funding Abortions

#2 post of 2014: Object Lessons About Resisting Temptation

#3 post of 2014: The HUGE List of Children’s Ministry Curriculum Providers

#4 post of 2014: Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Review

#5 post of 2014: Is Minecraft Safe for Children?

#6 post of 2014: Did You Give Your Kids Porn For Christmas? (this one has gone “viral” since being posted a few days ago!)

#7 post of 2014: The Biggest Kidmin Mistake You Will Ever Make

#8 post of 2014: 50 Great iPad Apps for Ministry

#9 post of 2014: Is Noah the Movie Appropriate for Children?

#10 post of 2014: How Ministry Leaders Can Use Text Messaging for Parent Communication

What subjects would you like to see written about in 2015? Share one idea in the comments below! I will give away a free gift randomly to one of the commenters!

The Power of a Child’s Testimony

The Power of a Child's Testimony

We love to hear amazing stories about how God saved someone from a life of rebellion against Him. This stories typically emphasize the abundance of sin that a person committed before they received salvation through Christ.

These stories are amazing, but our church culture has highlighted these stories sometimes to a fault, by unintentionally minimizing the power of a simple testimony. Even the testimony of a child.

My guess is that many of you have these “simple testimonies.”

A child’s testimony is powerful. Many people relate to these kinds of testimonies, and they can often have a large impact when shared. Regardless of what type of life someone lived before receiving salvation, a simple testimony demonstrates that everyone needs Christ.

If a child can understand the gospel clearly and receive salvation at a young age,

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One of my most popular conference sessions that I have taught has been on the topic of Training Teenagers To Be Children’s Ministry Leaders. I have taught this session at multiple conferences, and it is usually one of my highest-attended sessions.

Ministry leaders need help with this area, which is why I set out to create a book that would address the BIG questions that leaders have regarding training teenagers to be leaders in children’s ministry. While working on the book, I’ve been consulting with top ministry leaders around the country, as I seek to give the best insight possible in this book.

Before I launch this new book, I want to get your feedback. Your questions and insight could help shape the final stages of the book, as I look to answer the BIG questions that children’s ministry pastors/directors have about training teenagers to lead well in their ministries.

Interested? Simply answer the following two questions below. As a thank-you, I’m going to give away a $10 Starbucks gift card to one of the survey contributors. Thank you in advance for your questions and feedback!

4 Good Reasons to Hold a Fall Church Outreach Event

4 Good Reasons to Hold a Church Outreach Event

Should your church hold a fall church outreach event? There are good and bad reasons to hold this kind of event. Here’s a great article on thinking through why a Fall Festival might be counter-productive. If you are wondering if your church should hold a Fall Outreach Event, then consider these four reasons why it might be beneficial:

1. Safety: Your church may be one of the only safe places in your city. If you have families that don’t go out on Halloween because their neighborhoods aren’t safe, then hosting an event is a no-brainer for most churches.

2. Community Potential: If your community, well, doesn’t act like a community, then hosting an event may be one of the best ways to bring them together. Having your church members give out personal invites may encourage more people to attend (and it would be a great way to build relationships outside the church).