5 Ways to Equip Parents in Your Church

5 Ways to Equip Parents in Your Church
One of the biggest needs in the church today is parent ministry. How can we equip parents to be better spiritual disciplers of their children?

Most parents do not feel adequate enough to disciple their kids and most of this inadequacy comes from a lack of training. As one parent once told me, “I’m just not sure how to disciple my kids.” Or, the problem is that parents do not feel equipped to evaluate discipleship resources for their families, so they end up not using any of these helpful resources at all.

Are you in a similar situation at your church? Many churches want to help parents, but they don’t know where to start. Or some churches just need a few ideas to guide them to the next step in their ministry to parents. Either way, it will be helpful to take a look at these 5 ways to equip parents in your church:

How to Maximize Your Productivity in Ministry

18 Tips for Increasing Ministry Productivity

Have you ever wished that there was more time in the day, or that you could find ways to increase your personal productivity to another level?

In ministry, there is never enough time to get everything done. However, there’s plenty of time to do the work that God has for us. As stewards of our time, we can honor God when we find ways to be productive when working. With this in mind, I am always looking at how I can increase my own ministry productivity, so after trying many different methods over the years, here are 18 tips for how to maximize your productivity in ministry:

15 Great Apps for Ministry Leaders

The 2016 Edition

15 Great Apps for Ministry Leaders

Every year, I create a list of my favorite apps that I’ve used in ministry and business. This year, I’ve added some of my favorite apps yet!

Trying out apps can be time consuming, so I’ve done the research for you in order to share these 15 great apps for ministry leaders:

Evernote: This app tops the list because it is incredibly useful. The ability to take notes, make recordings, jot down ideas, and other functions is invaluable, and the search engine is a great way to find documents quickly. You can access your files in Evernote from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc. The basic version is free, so try it out! Here are a few ideas from Michael Hyatt on ways to utilize Evernote.

Insightly: This is one of my new favorite apps. I use this app for networking, specifically to keep track of my conversations with people in my ministry, ministry leaders in my field, etc. I simply create a contact, add any contact info, then add a note each time I have a conversation worth summarizing briefly for future recollection. Plus, if I want to follow up with someone at a later time, I can create a task and schedule it to remind me about the task via email at a certain day and time. Definitely worth checking out.

10 Keys for Evaluating Children’s Ministry Curriculum

10 Keys for Evaluating Children's Ministry Curriculum

When was the last time you evaluated your children’s ministry curriculum? If it’s not quite as effective as you would like, then perhaps it’s a good time to take a look at other curriculum options. If you’re not sure where to start, then take a look at these 10 keys for evaluating children’s ministry curriculum:

1. Scope and Sequence. What is the game plan of the curriculum? Every good curriculum has a scope and sequence, which should include a breakdown regarding topics and Bible passages covered. If it’s not posted online, then a quick email to the company will usually allow you to take a good look at the scope and sequence.

2. Biblically-focused. Does the curriculum focus on the Bible? It might sound like the Bible should be an obvious part of any children’s ministry curriculum (and you’re right), but not all curriculum focuses on the Bible. A good curriculum bases every lesson on Scripture.

The Latest Research Findings on Children’s Ministry

Book Review: The Gospel Truth about Children's Ministry

The Latest Research Findings on Children's Ministry

Have you heard the latest findings on children’s ministry? My friends and colleagues at Awana decided to ask hundreds of children’s ministry leaders three important questions.

What these children’s ministry leaders said may change everything.

4 Ways to Increase the Impact of Your VBS

4 Ways to Increase the Impact of Your VBS

It’s summer! Is it time to roll out your VBS yet?

A summer VBS program can have an incredible impact on a child’s life. How are you getting ready to take advantage of this week to help your kids have a blast and learn about Jesus?

Whether this is your 1st year or 30th year of VBS, maybe you would love to incorporate a new idea or two to increase the impact of your VBS. If this sounds like you, then take a look at these 4 ways to increase the impact of your VBS:

Is Sunday School Dead?

Is Sunday School Dead?

USA Today recently published an article entitled “Has the Sun Set on Sunday School?” The author proposes that Sunday School as we know it is dead. However, she shows a certain lack of knowledge of evangelical Christianity with her comments, proposing that Christians are turning to other learning methods on Sundays, including studies on books such as the Qur’an.

Wait, what?

Although the USA Today author didn’t exactly get everything right in her article, she raises an important question.

Is Sunday School dead?

When to Change Your Children’s Ministry Curriculum

When to Change Your Children's Ministry Curriculum

How do you know when you should change your children’s ministry curriculum? Changing curriculum can be good from time to time, especially if there is a better option available to meet your church’s needs.

Here are some questions you can use to evaluate when you should change your children’s ministry curriculum:

5 Essential Skills for Ministry Leaders

5 Essential Skills for Ministry Leaders
What are the most essential skills for ministry leaders to have?

Regarding leadership in the business world, Harold Geneen said, “The five essential entrepreneurial skills for success: Concentration, Discrimination, Organization, Innovation and Communication.”

Not only are these skills important for the business world, but ministry leaders should be first and foremost in the conversation of displaying these skills in their leadership positions. By the way, there is a sixth skill every ministry leader needs to have mastered! (see below)

With these things in mind, we look at the 5 essential skills for ministry leaders:

Children’s Ministry Conferences in 2015

Children's Ministry Conferences in 2015

Are you looking for a children’s ministry conference to go to in 2015? The conference year is already kicking off, with CPC East taking place this week. If you haven’t already picked a conference to go to, here’s a list of some of the best ones out there:

January 2015:

Jan 21-24: CPC East (Chattanooga, TN)

February 2015:

Feb 6: Children’s Ministry EXPO (St. Louis, MO)

Feb 16-19: CPC West (Ontario, CA)

Feb 20-21: Renewal Conference (Elk Grove, CA)

Feb 28: Teamworks Conference (Rockford, IL)

March 2015:

Mar 5-7: Bass Conference (Castro Valley, CA)

Mar 6: Children’s Ministry EXPO (Tulsa, OK)

Mar 19-21: Northwest Ministry Conference (Redmond, WA)

Mar 27-28: Children’s Ministry Servants Conference (Gardena, CA)