iPin Lazer Presenter: The Laser Pointer for Your Phone

iPin LaserAlright, let’s be honest, doesn’t the idea that you can shoot lasers from your phone sound cool? It may be time to channel your inner Jedi… or, if you would like to use your phone as a laser pointer and slideshow remote, you can take a look at the iPin Lazer Presenter!

This laser pointer is pretty sweet. Plug it into the earphone jack of your phone, and the laser will use your battery for its power source. You can control the laser and your presentation straight from your phone. Included with the purchase of the laser is a free download of the iPin app.

Interested? You can check out this product on Amazon for $40. Expensive? Yes! (as Karl noted in the comments, you can pick up some hand-held lasers for as low as $2). It’s also cutting edge, so if you’re into those kind of things, and you are looking for something cool to spice up your presentations, this could be it.

Also, you can check out the demonstration video for the laser below. Enjoy!

Get the ESV Study Bible App for Free!

mzl.fpughfeu.175x175-75I love my ESV Study Bible. It is one of my favorite resources for studying the Bible, because the notes in it are extremely helpful. This month, in celebration of their 75th anniversary, Crossway is giving away their ESV Study Bible app for free! The app also includes functions such as study notes, charts, maps, illustrations, and theological articles.

Take a moment to check out this great ESV Study Bible.

Top 15 iPad Apps for Leaders

Leaders need to use their technology to enhance their leadership skills and harness it to improve their organization and increase efficiency. Here are 15 apps that every leader needs on his/her iPad and iPhone:


  1. Evernote: Let’s be honest- this app just might be the most recommended app for anyone in leadership. The ability to take notes, make recordings, jot down ideas, and other functions is well worth the price (which is FREE!). If you own several mobile devices, you can access your Evernote materials from them or pretty much anywhere.
  2. Dropbox: It’s an online storage for your documents that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and shared with any other Dropbox user. The downside of Dropbox is the lower amount of storage when compared to its competitors, but everyone has Dropbox… so this app is a must!
  3. Keynote: This is Apple’s version of Powerpoint. It’s sleek and easy-to-use, plus you can sync it with your Mac and mobile devices. Definitely worth the price.
  4. Google Drive: This app is incredibly useful for teams who need to share documents and edit them. Simply create a new document, invite your team to share the document, and you can all edit it as you wish. Leave a comment on the document, and your team can take a look and make adjustments as necessary. Whether you are a ministry team, a college study group, or just need to work on a project collaboratively with a group, this app is the way to go.
  5. YouVersion Bible: A solid Bible app that has so many functions, you just need to check it out.
  6. HootSuite: The most successful social media platform, with many different abilities and functions. Sign up for a free account and start managing every social network you have from one spot. Oh, and don’t forget to schedule out your tweets and Facebook statuses for the next week!
  7. Hangouts: An essential app by Google for having meetings with a group of people. Perfect for the leader who is on the go, but still needs to meet with their team.
  8. Accordance: An easy to use Bible study tool. Check it out and experiment with its Bible search capabilities and commentaries.
  9. AirSketch: Take a PDF on your iPad and project it onto a computer, then sketch and draw on the PDF from your iPad as it shows up on your computer. Great for meetings and playing games in your children’s ministry (you draw on your iPad, and it projects first to your computer, then from your projector onto the big screen for all the kids to see!).
  10. Pandora: Great app for listening to your favorite music mixes in the office or while traveling.
  11. Spotify: Great way to listen to music but not have to purchase it. Only downside is you can’t purchase the music. Take a look at this review to learn more.
  12. TurboScan: Solid app for scanning papers and other images. Once you scan something, you can then share it or email it to yourself. Handy tool for the road, especially on the iPhone. Can’t beat $1.99 either.
  13. Feedly: This is my replacement for the Google Reader. It takes blog posts and articles, then displays them in a sleek list for you to view. Definitely one of my favorite apps.
  14. Starbucks: The ultimate app for every leader. You know what I’m talking about. Download the app, put some money on the gift card, enjoy the coffee rewards, and remember to thank me later.
  15. Remote: Turns your iPhone or iPad into a remote for your Mac presentations. Let’s just be honest, it’s time to throw the “clicker” out. Buy this app and join the 21st century.
  16. BONUS: The Keynote Remote works well when you are using Keynote on your Mac.

What are some of your favorite apps? Share your most loved apps with others in the comments.

AdventureBible.com by Zondervan: Website and App Review


The Adventure Bible is a cool resource for kids. It is one of Bibles that I see young children use frequently as one of their first Bibles. Recently, Zondervan also created an Adventure Bible website for children! Here is a description from Zondervan about the top ten reasons to use the Adventure Bible website:

  1. Online Bible Games: Includes games for Bible trivia, the books of the Bible, Bible maps, and Scripture memory.
  2. Activity Sheets: Includes crosswords, word searches, matching games, and fill-in-the-blanks.
  3. Bible Memory Flash Cards: These are printable Bible memory flash cards for children.
  4. Teaching Visuals: Includes illustrations and timelines.
  5. Bible Maps: Shows where things happened in Bible times.
  6. Online Bible Search: Includes a Bible verse finder and children’s study notes.
  7. Devotionals and Reading Plans: A place to start as kids read more on their own.
  8. Children’s sermon outlines and bulletins: Ready-made topical sermons for children.
  9. Kids’ Worship Bulletins: Fun learning activities for all ages.
  10. Topical Index: Help for creating children’s lessons.

I jumped over to the website and took a good look. It has tons of great resources for children, and even has several resources for children’s ministry leaders and volunteers, including children’s sermon outlines. The Bible Search tool is pretty cool (think Biblegateway.com for children). Other great resources include the teaching visuals, the Bible maps, the Bible memory flash cards, and the children’s devotionals.

AdventureBible.com is an excellent resource for kids. While the website and many of its resources are free, there are sections of the website that you can access only by registering (it’s free registration, so it’s easy to do). I should also note that the Bible games only work on non-mobile devices. The upside is that there is now a Bible Memory app for kids, which is available on all mobile devices. You can check out the video below for information:

I would recommend both the website and the app for younger children, starting at age 6. Many young children are very tech-savvy, and this would be a great website to focus their attention on. Think about it: they can either play Angry Birds, or they can learn about God’s Word. Easy decision, right?

If you are interested, you can check out the Adventure Bible website and see for yourself all of the great resources to be found. If you get a free moment, please drop a comment and let me know what you think about the website and Bible Memory app. Enjoy!

App Review: Angry Birds Star Wars

This week I am taking a short break from the KidMin app reviews to give you a review I know you all will love (I know I got excited when I heard about this!).

Angry Birds just came out with a new version, the Star Wars edition! Personally, I think this is the best version of Angry Birds. You play as Star Wars bird characters who each have their own unique force power when destroying the bad guys, including Stormtroopers. There are many available levels in the app (although there is a whole section of the game only available for an additional purchase). Overall, it looks like a great game.

Why is this game important to children’s ministry? By knowing how to play this game, you will have a GREAT conversation starter with many of the children in your ministry, and another way to connect with them. Plus, you know you want to play it!