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About the AuthorMy name is Steven Knight. My ministry passion is two-fold: to evangelize and disciple children and their families, and to train and equip family, children’s, and student ministry leaders, all for the glory of God.

I have been leading in family and children’s ministry for 13+ years. I am currently the Family Life Pastor at Fellowship Bible Church in Waco, TX. I do a lot of consulting, speaking, and writing in the area of children’s, student, and family ministries. I’ve also had the privilege of speaking at children’s ministry conferences and church special events.


  • I am blessed to be married to my wife, Katie, and to have our son, Samuel.
  • I have a BA in Children’s Ministry from Moody Bible Institute and a ThM in Family Life Ministry from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Published Books:

  • Bright Ideas for Children’s Ministry
  • Pulse: Pumping Life into Your Kid’s Ministry
  • Children’s Games From Around the World

Ministry Experience:

  • Leading and overseeing the children’s, student, college, and parenting ministries as a Family Life Pastor (present)
  • Writing, speaking, and consulting in the area of family ministries
  • Working with ministry resource providers, including: Awana, David C. Cook, Kidology, Kidzmatter, What’s in the Bible, and more.
  • Led several church children’s ministries
  • Worked with several inner-city children’s ministries
  • Led as a director for a children’s ministry conference

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