String Magic Review

Christian Magic Trick for Sharing the Gospel with Kids

String Magic Review

I love using Christian illusions/magic tricks to share the gospel, demonstrate biblical truths, and tell Bible stories. I recently learned about how to use string magic to share the gospel. Intrigued?

To demonstrate this gospel magic trick, you will need a piece of string (pretty simple supplies list, Then, just follow the instructions from our friends at Let the Little Children Come. Here’s a little more information to get you started:

Main Point: A piece of string illustrates that sin entangles us and that we need Jesus to free us.

Materials: String (about 5 – 6 feet; 1.5 to 1.8 meters long)


  • Tie the 2 ends of the string together to form a loop.
  • Practice the steps below several times with a friend to make sure you can do this smoothly.

Age Group: 5 to 12

String Magic Review 1

What an exciting way to share the gospel! Interested in trying this out? Take a look at the Let the Little Children Come website for the detailed, step-by-step instructions:

String Magic – Share the Gospel with Kids

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