Gospel Plane Review

Gospel Plane Review

Kids love paper airplanes. In fact, if you give them a piece of paper to draw on, fill out to answer questions, etc… you will often find that they’ve eventually turned their piece of paper into a paper airplane to fly around. Wouldn’t it be great if you could give them a paper airplane with a purpose? Now you can!

Our friends from Let the Little Children Come have provided a free resource to you, called the gospel plane. Here’s what their website says about this gospel plane:

“Similar to the salvation bracelet, this child evangelism idea is based on the same colors as the Wordless Book. This gospel presentation uses paper airplanes to share the message of salvation with children.

When Jesus taught his first disciples, he used things they were familiar with, like sheep, fish and bread. We can follow in Jesus’ footsteps by using items that children are familiar with to share with them the gospel message.

Folding and flying paper airplanes is popular with children. Use this activity as a variation to the popular child evangelism tool – the Wordless Book – to share the message of salvation with children.”

Age Group: 3-12


  • Letter Sized Papers
    (pre-printed with the Gospel Plane design)
  • Crayons or Colored Pencils
    (only if you prefer the children to fill in the colors)

Pretty interesting, huh? It’s a great resource. If you’d like to check out the gospel plane idea for yourself, take a look at the Let the Little Children Come website:

Gospel Plane – Wordless Book Variation