The True Story of Christmas Animated Tract Review

Christmas TractI love creative ways to tell the Christmas story to children. This Christmas tract from Let The Little Children Come is a great way to share the gospel message with children. Check out the description for these fun Christmas tracts for kids:

“This Christmas tract tells the biblical story of Jesus’ birth. With captivating animations throughout the tract, you will have a fully attentive audience. The true story of Christmas is that God sent his Son, Jesus, to be born on earth because he loves us very much and wants to be with us forever!”

Curious what other people think? Here is a product review from the store website:

“I ordered these tracts for our Sunday morning small groups. They are a fantastic hands on way for the children to interact with the story. They couldn’t wait to show their parents and older siblings. Even the parents loved them and wanted to know if we had any extras. Highly recommend!” –Kim

Here’s a video that will walk you through this Christmas tract in action:

I love that this tract has animation included. This creative feature will certainly draw kids into the story at a deeper level, and will certainly help engage the kids in the storytelling themselves!

To check out this Christmas tract resource, you can visit the Let the Little Children Come website:

Christmas Tracts for Kids