Is There Anything Better Than Candy? Box Tracts Review

Halloween Tract 1Most people give out free candy either on Halloween or at their church’s Fall Festival. If you’re looking to give away something with a little more purpose this year, then you may want to check out these special halloween tracts from Let the Little Children Come. Check out the description of these fun evangelism tracts for kids:

“Give out more than just candy this Halloween! This attractive pumpkin shaped Box-Tract is designed to contain children’s favorite candies. More importantly, the pumpkin opens up to answer the question, “Is There Anything Better Than Candy?” Yes, there is something much, much better than candy. It’s being God’s friend!”

Curious what other people think? Here are a few Halloween Tract reviews from the store website:

“Next year we double our order! The children were delighted and often were opening them up to read the story inside. Several parents were heard helping their children to read the good news! Thank you for this wonderful tool!” – Taime

“They were a big hit. I had adults who wanted one, too. I hope I can buy more next year.” – Rose Lewis

Halloween tracts that are shaped like an actual pumpkin – what a cool idea! For this resource, you just place the candy on the inside, fold it up, give it to kids, and tell them that there is an important message on the inside of the pumpkin, along with some candy!

To check out this halloween tract resource, you can visit the Let the Little Children Come website:

Halloween / Fall Festival Tracts for Kids

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