15 Great Apps for Ministry Leaders

The 2016 Edition

15 Great Apps for Ministry Leaders

Every year, I create a list of my favorite apps that I’ve used in ministry and business. This year, I’ve added some of my favorite apps yet!

Trying out apps can be time consuming, so I’ve done the research for you in order to share these 15 great apps for ministry leaders:

Evernote: This app tops the list because it is incredibly useful. The ability to take notes, make recordings, jot down ideas, and other functions is invaluable, and the search engine is a great way to find documents quickly. You can access your files in Evernote from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc. The basic version is free, so try it out! Here are a few ideas from Michael Hyatt on ways to utilize Evernote.

Insightly: This is one of my new favorite apps. I use this app for networking, specifically to keep track of my conversations with people in my ministry, ministry leaders in my field, etc. I simply create a contact, add any contact info, then add a note each time I have a conversation worth summarizing briefly for future recollection. Plus, if I want to follow up with someone at a later time, I can create a task and schedule it to remind me about the task via email at a certain day and time. Definitely worth checking out.

Dropbox: It’s an online storage for your documents that can be accessed from anywhere in the world and shared with any other Dropbox user. The upside is that Dropbox is extremely easy to use. The downside of Dropbox is the lower amount of storage when compared to its competitors. Overall, this app and Google Drive are competing for the top spot in cloud storage. So far, Dropbox is winning.

Logos Bible: I use this app to read my Bible and to access my commentaries on the go. To use this app, you need to own a version of Logos Bible Software. Logos is one of the best biblical research tools available today, and you can purchase countless biblical resources to add to your Logos library. I’ve purchased all of my commentaries through Logos, because I can access them anywhere and easily search through them for helpful information.

Scanner Pro: Solid app for scanning papers and other images. Once you scan something, you can then share it or email it to yourself. It’s a handy tool that can be used anywhere.

Reminders: This app is the best way to remind yourself that you need to do something. I use this app multiple times a day to make sure I remember everything I need for meetings, to remember different time-sensitive tasks that I need to accomplish, etc. One special feature is that the reminders can activate when you arrive at a destination.

Buffer: An excellent app that schedules your social media updates at the optimized viewing time. Use it to make your social media posts simple, but powerful.

Mail: I’m currently still using the Mac Mail app for all of my email needs. Google came out with some updates for their Gmail apps, but I still need something that works with different email systems. Mac Mail is the easiest that I have found so far.

Wunderlist: Organize your to-do lists with this app by dividing your tasks into different categories, set a due date, select a reminder date and time, then add your task to the description. Very helpful for staying on track with things.

Expensify: This app is helpful for creating your own expense reports, capturing receipts, and tracking time or mileage. Anything that makes paperwork easier is a win in my book.

Asana/Trello: Both of these apps are great project management systems. Trello is pretty basic and simple to use, while Asana has a few more levels of complexity and more user options. Use these apps to delegate tasks between your team members, keep track of important information, and communicate with specific people about their tasks.

Google Calendar: Don’t get me wrong, I love Apple’s version of the Calendar. However, I realize that many people don’t own Apple products, so I’ve found that Google Calendar works the best as a way to reach everyone. It’s simple, easy to use, and syncs across my devices, which is exactly what I need in order to stay in control of my schedule.

Hangouts: An essential app by Google for having meetings with a group of people. Perfect for the leader who is on the go, but still needs to meet with their team.

Overcast: I’m still experimenting with this app, but so far I like it. It’s designed to allow you to play podcasts, but it eliminates some of the pauses in the podcast, reducing the length of the podcast. It’s a time saving app that provides quality podcasts, which is a win.

I’d love to hear from you. What apps would you add to this list?

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  • Nice post and gave me a new app – “Expensify”.

    Some others that I use would be Dropbox, Unroll.Me (helps control junk mail and newsletters etc from my inbox), #slack (Im still experimenting with this one with groups of people), Lynda (video training on variety of topics) and lastly 1Password.

    • Steven Knight

      Thanks for the app suggestions! I’ll have to check out Unroll.me and 1Password.

      • What did you think about Unroll.me? Did you get to check it out yet?

        • Steven Knight

          I haven’t implemented it yet, but after researching it I think I will definitely start using it!

        • Steven Knight

          I haven’t implemented it yet, but after researching it I think I will definitely want to start using it!

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  • Bobby Ludlow

    Definitely going to check out Insightly. Currently I keep tabs of conversations on my calendar! Not too efficient. I like Todoist over Wunderlist personally. Thanks for the helpful list!