The Latest Research Findings on Children’s Ministry

Book Review: The Gospel Truth about Children's Ministry

The Latest Research Findings on Children's Ministry

Have you heard the latest findings on children’s ministry? My friends and colleagues at Awana decided to ask hundreds of children’s ministry leaders three important questions.

What these children’s ministry leaders said may change everything.

  1. So, why did you become involved in ministry to kids?
  2. How about impact… are you seeing the results you wanted?
  3. How’s it going… ministering to kids?

After doing some extensive research, they found 10 kidmin research findings and put them all together in their new book, The Gospel Truth about Children’s Ministry.

Here’s a short description of the book:

“Is your children’s ministry effective at making disciples? If not, we have a problem.

What’s presented in this book is a culmination of what we’ve heard from KidMin leaders across the country. We listened to the voice of more than a thousand decision makers within the children’s ministry community; leaders who desire to reach kids with the gospel of Christ and engage them in lifelong discipleship. Their concerns are very much like your concerns, and their passions are very much like your passions. We shaped the content of this book from their input.

It’s time we remember a vital truth: Jesus started the KidMin movement.

As He welcomed the children unto Himself, He made a divine and eternal statement- kids matter to God. It’s not only about programs, environments, or the latest method, KidMin is all about reaching one of the largest mission fields in the world, the global population of children.

Hear the voices, read the research, and let’s take the time to adjust course and remember we got into children’s ministry because we were called to follow Jesus and lead others into relationship with Him.”

The Gospel Truth about Children’s Ministry is a fantastic and cutting edge resource for children’s ministry leaders. Are you interested in learning more? You can even preview the first 17 pages of the book or purchase a copy for yourself.

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