4 Ways to Increase the Impact of Your VBS

4 Ways to Increase the Impact of Your VBS

It’s summer! Is it time to roll out your VBS yet?

A summer VBS program can have an incredible impact on a child’s life. How are you getting ready to take advantage of this week to help your kids have a blast and learn about Jesus?

Whether this is your 1st year or 30th year of VBS, maybe you would love to incorporate a new idea or two to increase the impact of your VBS. If this sounds like you, then take a look at these 4 ways to increase the impact of your VBS:

1. Advertise Outside of the Church. If your church wants to minister to your community through VBS, then advertising outside of the church is a must. Have you posted signs outside of your church? That could be an easy first step, if your church is on a main road. Personal invites is a great way to invite others, so giving flyers to the kids in your ministry can be effective, because they can give those flyers to other kids. Consider giving the kids some training, so that they learn how to and become more comfortable with approaching their friends and inviting them to the VBS. Advertise in the local newspaper. Put up flyers at community centers and schools. Maybe you can get your local news channel to share about your VBS (I’ve seen it done!). Think outside of the box in order to invite kids who are not a part of your church to your VBS.

2. Encourage Relationships. This sounds basic, but if you construct your VBS to allow kids to build relationships with their leaders and spend time with them consistently each day, then you are not only discipling the kids during the lesson time, but you are discipling them throughout the week. Don’t let the kids get overwhelmed with constant activities, but allow them time to connect with others!

3. Event Invite. VBS was a blast, but why does it need to end there? Create a kids event that takes place 1-2 weeks immediately after VBS, so that your visiting kids are invited back to another church event quickly. The goal here is to get the visiting kids plugged into your church, and to give an invitation to the whole family to visit your church. While a Sunday morning might be a little intimidating, perhaps a fun Friday night or Saturday afternoon event would be more friendly to a first-time family. At the end of VBS, make sure to pass out invites for the event!

4. Start a VBS/Special Events Newsletter. When you have families sign their kids up for VBS, make sure you ask for an email in the sign-up form. Then, add all of the emails to a newsletter, which you can then use in the future to invite families to special events at the church. If you only email the families once every month or two, then you are keeping connections with those families while not flooding their inbox with emails. After a few invites, a new family may show up to your church event!

Which new idea could you incorporate this year? Leave a comment below!