Easter Object Lessons

Easter Object Lessons

Looking for some great children’s object lessons for Easter? When you are teaching your kids about Easter, there are some pretty big topics that you will need to explain to them. One of the best ways to help them learn about these topics in a concrete way is through the use of object lessons. Here are three Easter object lessons that are engaging and easy to do, along with some of my favorite Easter resources!

1. The Egg is Gone. For this object lesson, you will need two eggs and a bowl. Take an egg and gently poke a few holes in the side of it, so that the yoke can come out of the egg (you may need to blow it out). Just make sure the egg doesn’t crack. When presenting this egg to the kids, make sure they can’t see any holes in the egg. Tell your kids the story about Jesus and His resurrection from the tomb. When explaining how Jesus wasn’t found in the grave, pull out the eggs for the object lesson. As you crack the whole egg, explain how May and Mary Magdalene thought they were going to find Jesus in the tomb. Then, crack the empty egg, sharing how they were surprised that Jesus wasn’t there, because He has risen! If timed well, your kids will be amazed that you cracked open an “empty” egg.

2. Sins Dissolved. For this object lesson, you will need to order some dissolving paper. You will also need two cups and some water. Ask for a volunteer to come to the front of your teaching area and write the word “SIN” on the dissolving paper. Show the paper to everyone, explaining how everyone has sinned. Share the story of Christ’s death and resurrection, and how His sacrifice made it possible for us to be forgiven of our sins if we follow Him. Take the SIN paper and put it in a cup with the water in it. Place the other cup over it, and shake the water between them (note: if you’re getting nervous just reading this, then maybe a single cup with a sealed lid would work better). The paper will dissolve right out of the cup! Show the cup to the kids, explaining that Jesus has the power to forgive our sins and wash them away.

3. Penny Forgiveness. For this object lesson, you will need a dirty penny, a cup, a tsp. of salt, and 1/4 cup of vinegar. Simply mix the salt and vinegar into the cup. When you are teaching, explain to the kids that Jesus has the power to forgive our sins. At this point, put the penny into the cup (with the salt and vinegar in it). Continue teaching your lesson. After about 5 minutes, take the penny out and show it to the kids. Explain to them that Jesus can forgive our sins and make us clean, just like this penny became clean!


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