Jupiter Ascending Movie Review for Kids

Jupiter Ascending Movie Review for Kids

Is Jupiter Ascending an appropriate movie for kids? If you’re not sure whether or not to take your children to Jupiter Ascending, then hopefully this movie review will help.

Jupiter Ascending is a sci-fi movie revolving around two main characters, Jupiter (Mila Kunis) and Caine (Channing Tatum). Jupiter has grown up cleaning bathrooms for a living, but finds out suddenly that she is the sole heir to the territories of Queen Abrasax (one of the most powerful rulers in the universe), including the earth. Now, Jupiter has three of the queen’s children out to get her, each vying for her territories. The story revolves around her dangerous interactions with the three rulers and how Caine fights through various battles in order to keep Jupiter safe.

The story naturally creates an exciting, action-packed movie. But should you take your kids to see Jupiter Ascending?

Positive Elements

Jupiter values human life, and consistently holds to this view despite the lack of regard for life from many people she encounters (the queen’s children see human life on Earth as just another planet to harvest for their own purposes).

Additionally, we follow along with Jupiter on her journey as she tries to decide how she can save other people from harm, including her own family.

Caine and several other people regularly risk their lives to save Jupiter. Jupiter’s uncle stands up for her to another family member. At the end of the movie, Jupiter’s family pitches together to buy her a telescope.

Negative Elements

One of the biggest red flags occurs during a scene where we see a fully nude female from behind (first just her back, then her whole body as she emerges from a pool). Earlier in the movie, we see a woman run around in her underwear while carrying on a conversation with Jupiter. At one point, twelve women float in the air with one man, apparently in some sexual encounter. We see a few kisses and flirting happen throughout the movie with Jupiter and Caine. Additionally, a few naked bodies are displayed, both human and alien (no details are shown). Side note: we see Jupiter and Titus Abrasax in a “political” wedding ceremony (is this symbolic incest? Jupiter is a genetic duplicate of his mother).

The Abrasax family members each rule over their own empire, from which they kill an entire planet’s population at strategic times in order to harvest a special liquid from its inhabitants. This liquid allows them to live for thousands of years at a time. To them, human life merely exists to continue their supply of this valuable liquid. Regarding the origin of human life, the story claims that humans originated on an alien planet, and were brought to earth 100,000 years ago in preparation for their future harvesting.

The violence in this movie is comparable to most modern sci-fi movies, with many action scenes and a few gory parts. Additionally, there are 29 profane words littered throughout the movie.

Astrology is discussed briefly at one point, in relation to Jupiter’s name. She is also referred to as a reincarnation of the former Queen Abrasax.


Jupiter Ascending is an action-packed movie filled with CGI fight scenes and a short love story. There are a few good themes in the movie that your kids would pick up on. Unfortunately, there are many more bad themes for your kids to see. Jupiter Ascending really should not have received a PG-13 rating, due to its sexual scenes. While many people will want to see this movie in theaters in order to enjoy the CGI fight scenes, I’m going to strongly caution against this one for your kids.

Kid-Friendly Rating: Two Thumbs Down.