My Top Posts of 2014

My Top Posts of 2014

Before I reveal the list of my most popular posts from 2014, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who is on the front lines serving in children’s ministry. The entire purpose of KidminTools is to equip you better for ministry to children. Thank you for your faithfulness!

Here are my most popular posts from 2014, decided solely by YOU, the ministry partners and readers of KidminTools:

#1 post of 2014: ALS Ice Bucket Donations Are Funding Abortions

#2 post of 2014: Object Lessons About Resisting Temptation

#3 post of 2014: The HUGE List of Children’s Ministry Curriculum Providers

#4 post of 2014: Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Review

#5 post of 2014: Is Minecraft Safe for Children?

#6 post of 2014: Did You Give Your Kids Porn For Christmas? (this one has gone “viral” since being posted a few days ago!)

#7 post of 2014: The Biggest Kidmin Mistake You Will Ever Make

#8 post of 2014: 50 Great iPad Apps for Ministry

#9 post of 2014: Is Noah the Movie Appropriate for Children?

#10 post of 2014: How Ministry Leaders Can Use Text Messaging for Parent Communication

What subjects would you like to see written about in 2015? Share one idea in the comments below! I will give away a free gift randomly to one of the commenters!

  • One subject I would like to see addressed is the use of prayer to grow ministry. Dick Gruber and his son had a great podcast a few years ago where Dick shared on the subject. He was involved in a church plant and prayed for an hour a day, four days a week for kids and volunteers. When they launched, they had something like 12 kids and 14 volunteers. It was very inspiring.

    • Steven Knight

      Great idea, Joan!