Three Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Speaking

One Thing You Probably Didn't Know About Speaking

Have you ever wondered why your message didn’t hit home for your audience? You had great content, but the message wasn’t quite the home run you were looking for.

Here are some important speaking statistics that we need to know when preparing and presenting our messages. These statistics* break down how your audience understands your message:

•    55% facial expression
•    38% tone
•    7% content

1. Facial expression. The most important element of your message is your facial expression. It doesn’t matter what your content is if your facial expressions don’t match up with your message. Are you smiling too much? Do you have a hard time showing emotion when speaking? Using your facial expressions is a key element of clearly communicating your message.

2. Tone. Your tone of voice is extremely important. By mastering the use of your tone, you can significantly increase the impact and understanding of your message.

3. Content. Content only accounts for 7% of your message. Are you surprised? We spend most of our time preparing the content of our message, when we should be spending more time practicing the delivery of the message. Focus on creating solid and engaging content that communicates your main points, but then take the necessary time to practice your delivery.

Preparing to speak is never easy, but taking the necessary steps to prepare and present well will significantly increase the communication of your message.

*Mehrabian, Albert (1971). Silent Messages (1st ed.).

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