The Teaching Methods of Jesus

The Teaching Methods of Jesus

Jesus Christ was the Master Teacher.  He used a wide variety of teaching methods, which each had their own advantage when teaching to different audiences.

Do you use different teaching methods when you teach? Take a look at these seven great teaching methods that Jesus used.

1. Parables. Jesus spoke often using parables, which are stories that illustrate an important truth. He would often use the life situations of the people He spoke to in order to create a story that would have a big impact on them. The main distinction with parables is that the summary of the story should demonstrate the important truth that needs to be shared. For examples, see Luke 10 and 15.

2. Object Lessons. Jesus used object lessons all the time. Sometimes he would use actual objects, and sometimes he would act out the object lesson. The main goal with an object lesson is to share an important truth visually. For examples of different types of object lessons, see Matt 19, Mark 12, John 4, and John 13.

3. Dialogue. Jesus would often engage religious leaders in dialogue, which simply means to engage in the asking and answering of questions. The skill that Jesus had was to look beyond the surface to determine the real question that someone was trying to ask him, then he would help the learner find the answer. For examples, see John 2 and 3.

4. Comparisons. Jesus often taught using comparisons. These comparisons often took the form of parables, object lessons, similes, and metaphors. By comparing two different things, Jesus would make a strong point to His audiences. For examples, see Matt 5 and 13.

5. Poetry. Poetry was a fairly important part of Jewish culture in Jesus’ day. Within Jewish poetry during this era, the focus and structure of the poetry was focused on the relationship between successive lines. Jesus would restate lines in order to bring out the emphasis of the point. For examples, see Matt 7 and Luke 6.

6. Hyperbole. Jesus would occasionally use hyperbole, or overstatement, in order to make His point. While we sometimes have difficulty determining when Jesus was using hyperbole, one clear example can be found in Matthew 7.

7. Puns. Who knew? Jesus would sometimes use puns when he taught others. Often, the English translations of the Bible are not able to bring out this distinctive, because Jesus had a mastery of the Aramaic language (Jesus’ mother tongue) that He would use to not only demonstrate His point, but do so in a funny way, using a “play on words.” Such a usage of humor to communicate an important truth can only be used if someone has a mastery of the audience’s language. For an example of puns, see Matthew 23:24 and look at His usage of the Aramaic words for gnat (galma) and camel (gamla).

Jesus was a Master Teacher, and He showed it through a variety of different teaching methods.

What other teaching methods did Jesus use to teach others? Share them in the comments below!