Make Scripture Memorization More Memorable with Memory Icons

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Children are becoming visual learners more and more each year. Are you engaging this learning style when your kids are learning Scripture?

Here is my review for a great new resource called Memory Icons, which is a resource that re-formats the Awana T&T books to help children learn Scripture, visually! It uses a process called mnemonics, which uses helpful tricks to increase a child’s ability to memorize.

The Process:


Here are what a few church leaders shared about Memory Icons:

“My daughter went from mentally picturing the verses to memorizing the words in no time flat.” -Alison H.

“I can finally make verses stick. As a visual learner, there is nothing like this out there.” -Sue R.

Memory Icons is an exciting new resource that will help children learn Scripture, visually. Alison, the creator of Memory Icons, has designed over 1,100 icons for the words of numerous Bible passages! If you are interested in learning more about Memory Icons, you can get this 10 Commandments Download for absolutely free.

I think that Memory Icons would be a great resource for Awana leaders, children’s ministry leaders, and parents to use with their children. Plus, they are affordable and work with your Awana T&T books! If you want more information, or you would like to purchase this product, check out the Memory Icons website or visit the Memory Icons store.