Free Task Management Systems for Churches

Free Task Management Systems

Some great task management systems have come out in the past year that are absolutely free. I use some of them for managing tasks, keeping track of details for events, assigning team members to different tasks, keeping track of my notes, and more. All of the following task management systems have some excellent features, for absolutely free:

  • Asana: This is a new favorite of mine. I started using it back in the summer, and love it! The main advantage is you get to get rid of email. Keep track of to-do lists, assign tasks to team members, upload notes in different file formats that will be organized by event, assign project due dates, establish a daily email reminder list, and manage the privacy settings for each event (so either your whole team can see each event, or only select members). Asana also looks very sharp. Take a look at the video at the end of the post for more info.
  • Trello: Very similar to Asana. Pretty simple appearance when compared to Asana. It is organized by cards, so people can post new projects, to-do items, and assign other team members to specific cards. It’s another great tool that you can use for free.

Also, here are some good apps for keeping track of your notes and personal to-do lists:

What task management systems do you use? Leave your recommendation in the comments below!

Hey! Have you seen my favorite 50 apps yet? (current as of Spring 2014)