4 Good Reasons to Hold a Fall Church Outreach Event

4 Good Reasons to Hold a Church Outreach Event

Should your church hold a fall church outreach event? There are good and bad reasons to hold this kind of event. Here’s a great article on thinking through why a Fall Festival might be counter-productive. If you are wondering if your church should hold a Fall Outreach Event, then consider these four reasons why it might be beneficial:

1. Safety: Your church may be one of the only safe places in your city. If you have families that don’t go out on Halloween because their neighborhoods aren’t safe, then hosting an event is a no-brainer for most churches.

2. Community Potential: If your community, well, doesn’t act like a community, then hosting an event may be one of the best ways to bring them together. Having your church members give out personal invites may encourage more people to attend (and it would be a great way to build relationships outside the church).

3. Singles and Couples: You may not have a lot of families in your neighborhood. Holding a fall outreach event gives the singles and couples in your area somewhere to go on Halloween.

4. Simply Successful: Some churches have a huge amount of success by hosting a fall outreach event. I’ve seen churches bring in thousands of people from their city (much more than their actual weekly attendance), and this has been a great outreach opportunity for people to learn more about their church and hear the gospel. This is the best reason for churches to hold events like this each year. There is something amazing about the church sharing the gospel in a powerful way each year on a night like Halloween.

What do you think? Should churches do outreach events on Halloween? I want to hear YOUR thoughts! Comment below and share what you are doing this year.