The “Good King or Bad King” Game Show

The Good King or Bad King Game Show

It can be very difficult to create engaging activities for some Old Testament Bible lessons. There were so many bad kings! Here is an engaging game to help your kids learn how to distinguish what it meant for a king to be either good or bad!

The Good King or Bad King Game Show

Ages: K-5th Grade

Purpose: To show that good kings in the Old Testament were leaders who followed God, while bad kings were leaders who didn’t follow God.

Scripture: 1 Kings 16


  • Game show clothes
  • Three crowns
  • Three chairs decorated as thrones
  • Three volunteers (kids or leaders)

Preparation: Dress up as a game show host. Ask three volunteers to pretend to be kings. Have two of them pretend to be very bad kings, and have one of them pretend to be a good king. Prepare questions ahead of time for them, such as “God just told you to save up food for a whole year, because a major famine is coming. What would you do?” Have the bad kings answer with ridiculously bad (and funny) answers, such as “I would take all of the food in the land, then give it to my dog, Fred!” Have the good king answer that he would do exactly what God said to do. Make sure you tell each of the kings about what kind of answers they should give.

Presentation: For each round of the game, ask each of the kings what they would do in response to a command from God. After the kings have answered, then ask the kids to give a thumbs up or thumbs down if they think that each king is either a good king (thumbs up) or bad king (thumbs down). As you move to the next round, change the order that you ask the kings the new question. Do 3-6 rounds of this game, making sure to be funny and encouraging the kids to respond loudly. If all goes well, your children will be going crazy with laughter by the end. Explain how good kings from the Old Testament were kings who followed God and obeyed Him. By the end of this activity, they will definitely understand.