Want Your Own Awana Church Website?

Want Your Own Awana Church Website?

Do you need an Awana website? Most churches don’t actively update their Facebook Awana pages, and keeping up a church webpage for Awana can be difficult if you don’t have a dedicated IT staff member at your church.

The solution? Selected Ventures Inc. has come up with Quick Club Sites, which is a user-friendly way for churches to create and maintain their own Awana website! Here is a short description of the Quick Club Sites:

“Quick Club Sites offers a service that includes everything needed to have a dedicated website for your Awana club, viewable on any device, up and running in 30 minutes. Free from the space and theme constraints of the main Church website, parents in the Church community can immediately see the energy and excitement of Awana through the eyes of their child. Further, the Content Editor makes it very easy for anyone to edit and maintain, completely separate from the main Church website.

A dedicated Awana website makes it much easier for a Church to grow their Awana club, because the same incredible ‘first impression’ is communicated to everyone. Maybe it is someone researching local Churches online, or a parent who is curious about the ‘Bring a Friend’ invite their child received. Or maybe it is someone reading and email/post/tweet from an Awana parent or church member. Regardless, they all receive the message that Awana is an important and well organized ministry, and for children – Awana is FUN!”

In order to test out this new resource, I visited the website and created my own church profile. Here are a few things I noticed:

  • They offer a 30-day free trial for creating your own website! They don’t even ask for a credit card. Great feature that you can use to try it out before you buy it.
  • The website looks sharp and very inviting. I’m a big fan of the creativity here, and it is easy to access all of the information a first-time visitor to the site would be seeking.
  • The website comes pre-loaded with different Awana instructional videos (shares about Awana’s mission) that you can share on your site. If you don’t want them, simply delete them and replace them with your own, if you would like.
  • The content editor is SUPER easy to use. It’s probably the easiest interface I have ever used. I’ll include the short instructional video clip of it below.

Overall, the Quick Club Sites are a great resource, and are very affordably priced. Take a look at the main website and try it out for yourself!