ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Donations Are Funding Abortions

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Donations Are Funding Abortions

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is an extremely popular fundraiser that is sweeping the nation. The problem is that many donations made to the ALS Association are going straight to the funding of abortions.

One of the major ways that ALS Association researchers test their proposed medications for ALS is to test them through embryonic stem cell research. Essentially, these scientists are killing unborn babies in order to research ways to extend the lives of other humans.

I am in full support of helping those with ALS and bringing more attention to this condition that plagues many people. But, many donations being made to the ALS research groups will support the continuation of abortions for medical research. If you want to support those with ALS, donate directly to their families or choose an organization that you know you can trust.

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  • Matt Norman

    This could be viewed in two different ways. The ALS researchers are not going out and asking women to have abortions. Even if they are funding them, the truth is once a woman decides to have an abortion, she will find a way. So, even if we stopped this source of funds, we will not stop or even slow down abortions.

    So, perhaps their research helps to redeem the lives of this little ones that never got a chance to experience life. Understand, I AM COMPLETELY ANTI-ABORTION. But in most cases these deaths simply end in a trash can or incinerator. At least this research might lead to a better life for someone with ALS or other diseases.

    Please hear me when I say that ABORTION IS AN ABOMINATION. But, if we can turn a little bit of it around for some good…

    That being said, if the ALS researchers are actually paying for abortions, shame on them. The abortions are already happening. If they want the fetuses, they could probably get them for free.

    • stevenknight09

      Hey Matt, great thoughts here.

      I’m definitely not against ALS research, but regarding women getting abortions, sometimes having less options for aborting their babies can discourage them from doing it. But, like you said, if a woman is set on getting an abortion, the number of options available might not have any effect.

      I would rather support the researchers that aren’t using aborted babies, because they are completely non-supportive of the practice (and it sounds like you would rather do this as well). I hear that there are some other great research methods, and I truly hope that better treatment and a cure can be discovered for ALS.

      Again, great thoughts from you, brother.