The Gospel of Disney


The Gospel of Disney. It is permeating our culture. Its effects are wide-spread and will impact our children for years to come. Are you preparing your kids?

Disney impacts over 84 million children daily, and their influence continues to grow. Now, don’t get me wrong. Disney makes some great kid-friendly movies. I still can’t get the song “Let It Go” out of my head! In fact, I have recommended many Disney movies to kidmin leaders as good movies and potential conversation starters for kids. But, there is a growing theme in some of the new Disney TV shows and movies that are coming out.

Today’s world is completely different than it was 10, 20, 30 years ago. Kids face different challenges than we did during our childhood. Disney is at the forefront of this change, using media to have a major impact on our kids, both good and bad.

Watch a few Disney TV shows and you will see how they are promoting specific secular worldviews in their TV shows and movies (for a variety of topics). The recent Guardians of the Galaxy movie took things to another level, by sadly pushing it’s own PG-13 rating boundaries with its content. Also, we still don’t see very many good examples of parenting in many Disney movies. Why are these the messages that Disney wants to teach our children?

I bring up these questions because we need to prepare our children for what they watch on TV. Yes, we must also decide what they can and cannot watch, but there are topics raised on TV and in the movies that must be addressed by parents, because their kids will face these topics in their everyday lives. It will be much better if Mom and Dad sit down and biblically explain something their kids just saw on a TV show, as opposed to the kids learning the secular view on the matter without understanding what the Bible says.

Tough topics will come up. It is worth it if you take the initiative to talk to your kids about what they are watching. Otherwise, the “Gospel of Disney” will communicate its worldly message, loud and clear.

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” -Proverbs 22:6

  • Matt Norman

    Great post. I censor what my kids watch pretty closely when they are younger. BUT, I also look for teachable moments to help my kids learn to discern for themselves what is wrong with some of these shows. AS my kids have grown I have opened up what they can watch a bit more, but have looked for even more opportunities to teach.

    It is truly appalling what even the kids show on the Disney channel are teaching. Just this week I saw an episode of a popular Disney show that showed in a matter of like 3 minutes one kid bragging about her ability to lie and another being praised for having stolen something. I think they kinda brushed on the consequences that the kid might face for stealing, but even that was mainly focused on the personal guilt that he felt. AND, they never addressed the kid that was bragging about her ability to lie.

  • stevenknight09

    Thanks for sharing, Matt. It’s very true. Love how you handle these things with your kids.

    It is sad how Disney shows/movies portray those TV moments. They make lying and stealing seem acceptable, and the ultimate determining factor regarding the sinfulness of an action is whether or not a kid feels guilty about it.

  • Pamela Ayres

    The Disney “gospel” needs to be highlighted. Thank you for doing so. Recently, the shift in plot-focus is to open the imaginations and willingness of children to access other realms and see themselves as saviors. Watching the movie, “Tomorrowland” I see another flick with a child savior who is above the adults in courage and wisdom. She is recruited by a child robot to enter the unknown to “fix the world.” No Savior needed. Human enlightenment is enough. It is the antithesis of humility and sadly plants a seed that destroys our need for God.