Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Review for Children


Is Guardians of the Galaxy appropriate for children?

Marvel has started a whole new series of superheros, with Guardians of the Galaxy being portrayed as the next big hit for children’s movies. I saw the movie this past weekend, and I can tell you this: it’s different than the other Marvel movies.

There is more questionable content in this movie. Should you take your child to see it?

Positive Elements

One of the main themes is how the main characters (a team of criminals) comes together and prioritizes each other above themselves. By the end of the movie, they all risk their lives multiple times in order to save a whole planet. Kids will notice this major theme in the movie.

At one point, Gamora leaves her old life as an assassin and chooses to fight against the bad guys. Multiple main characters risk their lives for the other members of their team. (Spoiler) At the end, Groot gives up his life in order to save the rest of the team. (He later begins to grow back as a small plant)

Speaking of Groot, he is the one character who is almost always selfless throughout the whole movie. We also see various instances of sacrifice from normal people and soldiers in order to protect others.

Forgiveness is displayed multiple times throughout the movie.

Negative Elements

Let’s just be honest: the aliens in this movie would be scary for most children. These aren’t Star Wars-type creatures. They are ugly, mean, and often do gross things (ex: Groot sticks his “root hand” up a guys nose, another guy rips a computer out of someone’s head,  an evil character readjusts all of her broken limbs, we watch an alien slowly explode, etc).

One of the main characters, Peter, is apparently known for being a ladies’ man. At the beginning of the movie, we find a female alien in his starship, wearing only a t-shirt and underwear. He shares stories about how females hurt him after he cheated on them. He also checks out Gamora multiple times, and when at one point he tries to kiss her, she pushes him away and says she does not want his “pelvic magic.” I think you get the picture of what kind of guy he is.

There are violent scenes throughout the movie. I would describe them as more violent than other Marvel movies, but not violent enough to warrant a worse audience-approved rating. Check out this review for the violent scenes details.

For language, we are looking at about 25 different uses of profane language. Additionally, Peter gives the viewers a middle finger in a not-so-funny way that many children will think is funny and worthy of imitation.

There is some gambling and drinking in the movie as well.


Guardians of the Galaxy is Marvel’s next attempt to expand the Marvel universe. Using characters from their original comic books, they appear to be developing another line of superheros that may eventually interact with other Marvel movies. Parents should be wary of letting their kids watch this movie. Developmentally, kids that are elementary-age will understand most of the concepts in the movie, both good and bad. Younger children will be just plain scared. As you can see above, there are more bad aspects to the movie than there are good. I enjoyed the movie as an adult, but parents will want to carefully consider this movie before deciding whether their children can watch the movie. I don’t recommend it for anyone younger than a teenager.

Kid-Friendly Rating: Thumbs Down