The Biggest Kidmin Mistake You Will Ever Make


I’m serious. This is literally the biggest mistake you can ever make in children’s ministry, or in any ministry for that matter. In fact, it may be one of the very reasons that children will walk away from church without a Biblical foundation for their faith. What is it?

The biggest mistake we can ever make is to teach a Bible lesson without using Scripture. Think about it for a second. When you hear preaching, you expect this. In youth group, it’s common to hear Bible passages taught, even if they are working through a topical series. But the children’s ministry?

We have the exciting curriculum. We have engaging videos for large group lessons. But what’s missing?

As teachers in children’s ministry, we are tasked with an incredibly daunting task. We need to teach the Bible to children, who will almost always believe every word we say. But do we use the Bible when we teach?

When we use a Bible to teach our children’s lessons, we are communicating the importance of the Bible and demonstrating that our teaching is dependent on it. Instead of teaching moralism, we are sharing truths from God’s Word and discipling children.

How do you use your Bible when you teach?

  • Tim Miller

    Amen!!! And we take the time each week so children can look up the story in their own Bible…even if it is on a Kindle. This takes two minutes, time well spent. Small group leaders can help. With preschoolers simply hold out your Bible (hopefully a kid friendly version) and say, “This story is from my favorite book! It was written by God for you and me! I love the Bible! Listen to this great story…”

    • stevenknight09

      Exactly. It’s totally worth the time!

  • Kidologist

    I wrote about this several years ago, you can read it here:

    • stevenknight09

      Excellent article.

  • Matt Norman

    Thanks for the reminder. I always read the passage straight from my Bible and train my teachers to do the same. Kids need to know where the lesson comes from.

  • Kim Olsen

    Yes, I was taught to have my Bible open in my lap and to always read from it.

  • I teach 4 & 5 for VBS. While most of the lessons are pre- written, I have the Bible me on my lap or close by and I turn it to the passage that the lesson is coming from. For primary church, I teach 8 & 9, and I am teaching all of the children to follow along in the Bible with the lesson and also recognize when a teacher (myself include says something that contradict the Bible). I usually make a game of it, by adding a detail or two to each story and see which one of the kids will raise there hand to respectfully tell me “that not what the Bible says.”