3 Simple Steps to Increasing Email Productivity

Desktop computer showing You Have Mail

Email can be an incredibly useful tool, or it can be a major distraction to your work. Here are three simple steps to increase your email productivity:

  • Turn off all notifications for incoming email. Yeah I know, it’s exciting to get another email. If you find yourself addicted to getting emails throughout the day, and look forward to notifications randomly popping up on your screen while you are working, you may not be as excited about the emails themselves as you think- when you receive an email notification, your brain gets a short burst of dopamine. By turning off the email notifications that may flash across your screen (or the incoming email sound), you can focus solely on what you are working on at the time. If you need to be instantly available to specific people, you can set up your email to allow notifications to pop up only when those people email you.
  • Set aside specific times for checking email. By just focusing on your emails at specific times, you are able to stay in control of your schedule and reply to all your emails at once (instead of just looking and replying later). If you are picking a time to work through your email, I suggest doing it later in the day (at least an hour or two after you start working), so that incoming emails don’t change what you are going to do that morning.
  • Divide your emails. I get alot of advertisement and leadership instructional emails that I like to look through on occasion. I don’t want to read them frequently, so I actually decided to set up a separate email account to receive those items. This keeps my less-important email separate from my personal and work emails. I recommend either getting multiple emails accounts or setting up your Mail account to automatically place emails into specific folders for you.

How do you increase your email productivity?