The Huge List of Children’s Ministry Curriculum Providers

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It’s official- there is finally a comprehensive list of children’s ministry curriculum and resource providers! Because of the size of this list, I have divided it into several different categories:

  • Major Children’s Ministry Curriculum Providers
  • Curriculum Packs and Single Lesson Providers (coming at a later time)
  • Children’s Bibles and Bible Resources (coming at a later time)

Children’s ministry curriculum providers are companies that create curriculum with a scope and sequence that runs for over 3 months, and typically have a scope and sequence of 1-3 years.

These lists are designed to give you the ability to take a look at all of your options when it comes to curriculum- so that you can choose the best curriculum for your ministry needs! As you can imagine, it was alot of work to put together this list, and there is definitely a good chance I missed a curriculum provider or two. So if you see that I missed one, add it into the comments, and I will add it to the list!

Curriculum Providers: If you would like to request a review for one of your products, please visit the Product Reviews section and contact me for further details.

Ladies and gentlemen… here are your curriculum providers!

Major Kidmin Curriculum Providers:

Disclosure: I have not been compensated for including any company on this list, and the inclusion of a company on this list does not equal a recommendation from me. For curriculum recommendations, please contact me with your specific needs.

Curriculum Providers List