Fun Ways to Practice a Memory Verse

Memorizing Scripture is important for children, but let’s be honest- sometimes it can be difficult to engage them when we use the same methods repeatedly. To help kids memorize verses, we have to use every method possible to help them learn Scripture. Looking for fresh ideas for memory verse activities? Here are 34 fun ways that children can practice a memory verse:

Memory Verse Recitation:

  1. Whisper the memory verse
  2. Yell the memory verse
  3. Say the verse fast
  4. Say the verse slow
  5. Split the room into two teams, and have the teams alternate by each word or each line
  6. Pinch your nose and say the verse in a “mosquito-style” voice
  7. Have a kid lead the verse activity
  8. Make the verse into a song
  9. Make the verse into a rap (don’t forget a handy beatbox app!)
  10. Write the verse on a board, then erase a few words each time the kids repeat the verse. Pick a child to erase a few words of their choice each time
  11. Teach hand motions with the words of the verse
  12. Have the kids spin in a circle after every line of the verse
  13. Throw the ball to a kid in the crowd and ask him/her to say between 1-5 words of the verse
  14. Use a rhythm (such as clapping hands, thighs, tummies, etc) while reciting the verse
  15. Hold an object that you can raise or lower while kids recite the memory verse. Explain that when you raise the object, they need to yell the verse, and when you lower the object, they must whisper the verse
  16. Recite the memory verse once for each month’s birthdays (January kids go first, then February, etc)
  17. Practice the verse backwards
  18. Say the verse in a pirate voice

Memory Verse Activity:

  1. Write the words onto pieces of paper (2 or more sets of the verse), then hide the paper around the room. Split the room into teams, and let them see who can find their complete verse assemble it, then say it all together. First one to do it wins! (Note: different colors of paper for each team would make this game run smoothly)
  2. Do a Bible sword drill (first one to find the verse and say it gets a prize!)
  3. Pass a ball around the room, allowing the kid holding the ball to say the next word of the verse before passing it on
  4. Write the verse onto a piece of paper, then cut up the paper into a puzzle. Let the kids put the puzzle back together and say the verse
  5. Write the verse down on different craft sticks, then put them in Jello. Have the kids look for it and put the verse together!
  6. Give the kids a bunch of words on pieces of paper (about half of them from the verse, and half of them just random words) and let them put the memory verse together. Make sure each team has a Bible and the verse reference
  7. Let the kids create bookmarks with the memory verse on it (works with other craft activities as well)
  8. Play a game of charades and act out each word of the verse
  9. Play wheel of fortune with the memory verse
  10. Write the verse onto sports balls (taping a paper with a few of the words onto a football, basketball or soccer ball would work), then have the kids kick the balls into the right order
  11. Have kids recite the verse while doing a jump rope (maybe have a kid or two do this on stage)
  12. Write out the verse without vowels. Have the kids guess the vowels
  13. Write the verse out on post-it notes, then place the notes on the kids’ heads. They then have to line up in the correct order for the verse
  14. Pull a word out of a bowl of whipped cream, slime, or other interesting food choice, then put the words together
  15. Hold a word relay, where every runner gets the next word in the verse. First team done wins!
  16. Turn the memory verse into a word search

What are some of your favorite memory verse activities? Share them in the comments!

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  • Chelsea

    I’ve been working on memory verses with my kids every day this past week and have many more weeks to go. This list is really helpful…thanks, Steven!