6 Tips for New Bloggers


I’ve been blogging here on KidminTools for over 2 years, so I want to share with you a few things that I have learned that have really helped me for blogging:

  1. When starting a new blog, write a lot of posts! When you share your website with others, you want them to go to your site and have various resources and articles to access. Also, you increase your web traffic by having more posts.
  2. Once you get going, stay consistent. Over the past year, I tried to write a post every week. Going forward (into a new season of life), I may be able to write more every week, depending on my schedule. It’s better to stay consistent than post a bunch of articles, then disappear for a few months.
  3. Write about what you know and love. If you don’t already know about something, it’s hard to write an article that will be helpful for others as well. If you are knowledgeable and passionate about a topic, then write away!
  4. Find your niche. I have a broader range of topics that I write about on KidminTools, but they all fall within the category of “articles, tools, and resources for children’s and family ministry.” Some blogs are very specific (ex: crafts for Children’s lessons), while other blogs are very open in terms of what they write about. Decide what your desired niche is, figure out how broad it will be, and stick to it!
  5. Look for direction. In order to get inspired for my posts, I try to find out what kinds of questions ministry leaders are asking. I listen to leaders at my church, hear about topics from colleagues, read questions posted in online forums, and try to predict the needed resources that churches will need. When I look to others for direction for my posts, I am seeking to serve them by providing help for their ministry.
  6. Write your ideas down. I always try to keep a list of my ideas for posts. I usually keep this list on my phone or computer, so that I can write them down as soon as I get the idea.