Game for Samson Children’s Lesson: Follow the Voice!

Follow the Voice!


  • Colored construction paper


  • Take some colored construction paper and set up a square or rectangle that is approximately 10 pages x 10 pages.
  • Create any path that you would like from the starting square to the last square, and write the path down on a piece of paper. Make it challenging enough for the children in your ministry! Just make sure the children know that they can only move forwards, backwards, and sideways (not diagonally), and make sure the kids know that they can never step on the same square twice.


Pick one child to navigate the course. Have the rest of the kids line up around the square and shout out different directions (tell them to shout out the wrong directions on purpose). Before you start, select one child to always tell the truth about the correct path to take, and let that child know secretly what about their role. The child in the middle will then attempt to navigate the course. If he steps on the wrong square (off the path), then he has to start over!

Have a leader hold the answer sheet with the correct path from the starting square to the last square. The child will need to check with every step to see if they made the right choice or not. Once the child reaches the last square on the map, he/she wins!

(Note: if you have a large group of children, split them into groups for this game, possibly their small groups)

Directions for Kids:

One of you will try to navigate this course. You may only move one square at a time, along a secret path. If you step on the wrong square, you will have to start over! The other kids will be trying to distract you and tell you the wrong way to go, but only one of them will be trying to help you the whole time. You can move forward, backwards, and sideways, but you can never step on the same square twice. If you step on the wrong square, you need to start over from the beginning. Once you reach the last square, you win!

Say (at the end of game): Even though there are many people that want us to listen to them instead of God, we need to listen to God and follow Him! In our story today, we are going to learn about someone from the Bible who didn’t always listen to God.