The Benefits of a Volunteer Meeting

Human circleIf you are wondering how you can build a better volunteer team, get more engagement in your ministry, and create an exciting atmosphere where people love to serve, then you should consider doing volunteer meetings in each of your ministries!

The most challenging part about starting meetings for your leaders is getting them on board with the idea. In order for them to get involved (and show up on-time), you will need to demonstrate to them the benefits of such a meeting. Here are a few of the benefits of holding a volunteer meeting every week:

  1. It builds community among the team. Your team may already be friends with each other, but having a regular meeting will help them build relationships within the context of your ministry and strengthen their relationships with each other. I’ve personally never served in a ministry where I didn’t have friendships with others- your volunteers want the same thing!
  2. It gets everyone on the same page. By holding a regular meeting, you can communicate with them regarding the day’s schedule, talk through questions about the small group lessons, and share any important ministry announcements in person.
  3. It energizes them for ministry. When you hold meetings before a ministry program, you can pray together and get excited for the morning. If you meet afterwards, you can share exciting or difficult stories from their time that day. Energize your leaders for ministry by encouraging them to come together and share what is happening in the ministry.
  4. It ensures that you are on-time and ready to minister. When you have meetings before a ministry program, your leaders will be late to your meetings rather than to the ministry programs. No one wants to be purposefully late, but if something comes up, I’d rather have to briefly touch base with them about the meeting than have a ministry role empty for the beginning of a service or program.

What other benefits are there for holding volunteer meetings? Share your ideas in the comments.

  • We started holding a monthly meeting for our Wednesday night volunteer team. At times, it seems like a lot, but we get some really ideas brewing and implementing and all the other things you listed. Plus, we’ve really become a source of encouragement and prayer coverage for one another. Worth it!!