iPin Lazer Presenter: The Laser Pointer for Your Phone

iPin LaserAlright, let’s be honest, doesn’t the idea that you can shoot lasers from your phone sound cool? It may be time to channel your inner Jedi… or, if you would like to use your phone as a laser pointer and slideshow remote, you can take a look at the iPin Lazer Presenter!

This laser pointer is pretty sweet. Plug it into the earphone jack of your phone, and the laser will use your battery for its power source. You can control the laser and your presentation straight from your phone. Included with the purchase of the laser is a free download of the iPin app.

Interested? You can check out this product on Amazon for $40. Expensive? Yes! (as Karl noted in the comments, you can pick up some hand-held lasers for as low as $2). It’s also cutting edge, so if you’re into those kind of things, and you are looking for something cool to spice up your presentations, this could be it.

Also, you can check out the demonstration video for the laser below. Enjoy!

  • Steven, I loved the idea of a laser pointer that works with iPhone. But, like I commented on stacksocial.com, this is not a bargain. You can get a better price ordering this on amazon.com. The retail price on the manufacturer’s website says $56, so this like a 12.5% discount at best.

  • I was gonna buy us both one, but yikes! It’s expensive, even with the discount. I just got some laser pointer pens with flashlight for $2 – should I ship you one to hold you over until you can afford this one? (Plus, I worry I’d lose this, its so small!)

    • Karl, I agree, pretty pricey! Granted, the laser is expensive, but I would expect that it would cost more for now until the “newness” of it wears off and other companies start making it also.

  • It is expensive put you are also paying for the convince of having an integrated presentation control app/laser. It is a nice looking app 🙂