Trends in Children’s Ministry Best Practices

I love looking for children’s ministry podcasts and training videos online, just to see what’s out there. Here’s a great video I found from William Vanderbloemen of Vanderbloemen Search Group and Michael Chanley from CMConnect & INCM, in which they discuss the trends they are seeing develop in Children’s Ministries around the world.

In it, they discuss the following questions:

  1. Which characteristics separate a good Children’s Pastor from a great Children’s Pastor?
  2. How can Children’s Pastors prepare for conversations with Senior Pastors & Leaders about goals and resources?
  3. What are the Children’s Ministry trends that Children’s Pastors need to know?
  4. What are great churches doing to recruit great Children’s Pastors?
  5. How much should you pay your Children’s Pastor?
  6. What questions should you ask your Children’s Pastor candidates when you’re hiring?

If you have some time, it’s definitely worth watching.

  • Have you found any other podcast for children’s ministry besides Kidology’s? Theirs is great, but I am always looking for more.

    • Kidology has some great podcasts, and I know the guys that do the Kids Ministry Collective podcast, and they do a great job as well. Other than that, haven’t heard of very many.