Are You a Good Ministry Coach?

A ministry coach is a “discipler of disciplers.” Are you a good ministry coach? Are you raising up leaders in your ministry? If you’ve picked a few volunteers in your ministry to really pour into, then ask yourself these questions to determine how effective your coaching is:

  • Keyboard with Training and Development Button.First of all, are you setting a good example for them?
  • Have you set up a game plan for their growth?
  • Are you meeting together regularly?
  • Are you letting them ask you questions?
  • Ask you asking them strategic questions to encourage their growth?
  • Have you asked recently about their spiritual growth?
  • Have you “watched them in action” lately?
  • What goals have you given to encourage measurable growth?
  • Have you communicated expectations clearly?
  • Have you shared any feedback recently (positive and constructive)?

What other questions do you ask yourself when you coach leaders in your ministry? If you have any coaching tips that you have found effective, please feel free to share them in the comments section.