Christmas Clue Hunt Game Review

christmascluehunt_md1I love the game of Clue. When I was a kid, I was always pretending that I was a detective trying to solve the latest case around the house. In fact, I once made flyers that said I would solve crimes in the neighborhood for 25 cents for each case solved!

I’ll be honest with you- I didn’t make very much at all (thanks for the quarter, Mom!). Kids love mysteries, which is why mystery games, books, and movies are so popular among our children today. Are you looking for something to use for your Christmas lesson this year? I was asked to review a great resource called the Christmas Clue Hunt game! Here is a description of it:

Christmas Clue Hunt is an adaptation of a classic deduction game that is ideal for use in small groups facilitated by a leader. This lesson-based game helps to uncover the true story of Christ’s birth and Christmas. ‘You and your fellow explorers are searching for clues that tell the story of Jesus’ birth. However, 3 clues are missing! To win this game, you must discover which PEOPLE clue is missing, what LOCATION clue is unknown, and which OBJECT clue is needed to complete the set. During this adventure, as explorers hunt for clues, companion devotional “Fact Sheets” feature Bible verses, discussion questions, and teaching applications. This process illustrates how the clues fit together to shape the Christmas story!'”

Who doesn’t want to play a fun Christmas mystery game? I am recommending this game to anyone who either:

  1. Wants a fun game to play in their children’s ministry for Christmas, or…
  2. Might have a slightly less staffed children’s ministry team this holiday season, and needs an easy solution to add to the Christmas children’s program.

Interested? Take a look at the Christmas Clue Hunt game on Want to win a free copy? I’m doing a contest giveaway starting today and running through December 21st. To enter for a chance to win, simply drop a comment and share one way that you hope to impact a child this Christmas. 🙂

Enjoy, and I hope the detective in you is curious enough to take a look!

  • vanessa

    Hope to remind kids what Christmas is all about and let them know they are loved and cared for by us and by God!

    I always loved detective/clues/mysteries – this sounds like fun!

  • Thanks Steven, for the Review. I have seen these, but your review helped.

    For the impact, it starts this year with my family. We decided as a family not to do expensive gifts for each other, or electronic gifts. For us, it is rather about giving to other people in need.
    So we decided to have a Christmas Dinner for our Pastor, and Children’s Pastor, to bless them. And then also sharing the joy of christmas by giving to other people.

  • We are thinking of showing a small part of the movie, The Nativity during our children’s Sunday School this Sunday (NOT including the birth part – probably after that part). We like to make the birth of Christ as real as we can to our children. To help them to understand that we are celebrating a time when God actually came to earth. Any way we can help children come to grips with the real story of Christmas and how it fits into God’s plan of salvation is a plus. As a pastor’s wife I want to say that I love Werner’s idea of having a dinner for your pastor. Anything that makes a pastor feel appreciated is like a shot in the arm.

    • Congratulations to Joan, the contest winner! Please email me for your prize 🙂

  • I like to try to have people realize that Jesus’ birth isn’t a story like the story of Santa at the North Pole, but it involved real people. I try to get them to imagine how they would have felt if they were Mary, the shepherds, etc….

    Also how Jesus had a purpose with His birth, to die for our sins. I try to portray this by having a Christmas wreath transform into a crown of thorns.