The Engage Children’s Ministry Training Conference

On Friday, I will be joining a great group of children’s ministry leaders at the Engage Conference in Pennsylvania. Last year, I met countless people who are passionate about children’s ministry and were excited to learn more about ministering to children more effectively through the main sessions and numerous workshops led by many experienced kidmin leaders.

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This year, I am honored to return again and join the team of presenters for the Engage Conference. I’m also excited to spend time with Karl Bastian and hear him as he speaks at the main sessions as the keynote speaker. If you haven’t heard him speak before, you are in for a treat! Below I would like to share with you the three workshops I will be leading this year. I’m stoked to be sharing about three topics that I am experienced in and very passionate about. If you think of me this week, keep me in your prayers as I prepare to lead these workshops:

  1. The Do’s and Dont’s of Technology in Children’s Ministry: What are your guidelines for using technology in children’s ministry? Come find out the important “do’s” and “dont’s” when using technology in children’s ministry, and discover the latest technology that can help you become more effective as a leader in children’s ministry.
  2. Teenagers? Leading the Children’s Ministry?!?! OH MY!!!: Did you know that 100% of adults within the U.S. were at one time teenagers? It’s a fact! Teenagers can be some of the most important team members in any children’s ministry. Are you giving them the chance to be leaders? Here are some strategic ways that you can train and mentor the youth in your church to help lead in your children’s ministry and become leaders in your church RIGHT NOW!
  3. Unleash the Master Teacher in YOU!: Are you looking for new ways to unleash the power of creative teaching in your children’s ministry? Come find out how YOU can improve your skills and creativity as a teacher and learn over 25 different teaching methods!

If you are on the east coast or within driving distance of Mechanicsburg, PA, I would encourage you to come on out to the conference! It’s very affordable, and the speakers are going to be awesome! To register or see the conference schedule, take a look at the Engage Conference home page.

If you are already planning on being at the conference, I will see you soon!