What Do YOU Want to Learn About?

Hey everyone! I am preparing tonight to leave for a week of camp with some elementary kids. I am stoked for the opportunity to spend time with 12 boys and disciple them for a week. While I am away, I will not be able to post like I normally do, but I do have two special requests for each of you:

  1. c504966_mEmail me (the form is below) asking one children’s ministry question about something that you would like to learn more about. This could be anything at all, from technology to leadership to a specific object lesson… etc. When I get back from camp, I will write a post interacting with those questions and providing resources from other kidmin leaders who provide helpful insight.
  2. Simply participate in the Kidmin poll below! Let’s find out what are the important topics right now in children’s ministry.

I strongly encourage you to try both of these two suggestions. If we collectively contribute and address some of the main questions in children’s ministry right now, hopefully we can help other ministry leaders as well.

Email Form:

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