Games about Creation for Preschoolers

Lately I have been preparing for a Preschool Arts Camp that is happening next week. I am helping plan by choosing games and preparing them for the week. Here are a few of the games that we came up with for day one, which will focus on Creation!

———————————The Game Plan——————————

Say: Today we learned about God making heaven, earth, light and sky, so we are going to play a bunch of games with things that fly!

Game 1: Flying planes

PrintMaterials: Planes, targets

Set Up: Make start line using chalk, hang targets in trees as well as make some other targets out of tape or chalk, draw landing strips on the ground with a start line as well.

Say: Today’s first game is flying planes!  Everyone is going to get a plane that they can try to fly through some of our hanging targets or see if you can land your plane on the air strip.  Have half the kids try to fly their planes through the hanging targets and half attempt to land on the airstrip.

Leaders: Help your kids throw their planes – don’t worry if they don’t get it on the first try – have them keep playing and trying to land the plan or get it through a target.  Help keep kids orderly by making them get in line in front of each target and only throwing one plane at a time.  Have kids go retrieve their plane before the next kid can throw!

Game 2: Parachuters

ParachutistMaterials: Buckets, chalk, parachuters

Set Up: draw a start line where kids can stand, place buckets in varying distances from the start line, label them with point values.

Say: This game you are going to stand on the start line and try to get your parachute to land in one of the buckets.  The buckets are worth different points – try to see if you can land your parachute in the bucket with the most points! 

Leaders: Please help the children by only letting a couple kids throw at a time.  Have kids go and retrieve their parachute to keep trying again and again.

Game 3: Ball Madness

c542957_mMaterials: Bucket for kids to wear, balls, cones

Set Up: Set up a square area with cones where kids can run to play the game.  Have each child put on a bucket and have 2 balls in their hands to throw!  Place extra balls in a bucket in the middle

Say: This game you are going to try to get as many balls into your friends buckets as possible, but you don’t want to get any balls into your bucket, so run fast!  The kids with the least amount of balls in their buckets win! If you run out of balls, grab more from the bucket or grab any that are on the ground and keep playing!  The kids with the least amount of balls in their buckets win!

Leaders: Please help the children put their buckets on and pass out 2 balls for them all to have to start throwing.  While children are playing help pick up balls that didn’t land in a bucket and put them into the bucket with the other extra balls.