5 Questions Every Communicator Must Ask Before They Teach

This summer I am doing my Moody internship in the Loop Kids Children’s Ministry at Park Community Church in Chicago. I am blessed to be serving and gaining the experience I am getting there.


Many of my fellow friends in the children’s ministry major at Moody are doing their internships this summer as well. One of them shared these words with me that his children’s director shared with him several weeks ago:

Here are 5 Questions every communicator must ask before they preach/teach:
  1. Could I preach this message in a synagogue or in a Mormon Tabernacle? If so, it’s not the gospel.
  2. Will the result of this message be the worship and glorification of Christ?
  3. Do I have practical application?
  4. Does my application leave people with a sense that “if I do this then….” or does my application leave people with a sense “That if I do this and trust Jesus then….?”
  5. What’s my motivation? Will at the end of the message will I have been thought of as a brilliant communicator, or will I point those in attendance (myself included) to their daily need for a brilliant savior?”

c300722_mLately, I have been thinking about how I teach children’s lessons. Am I effectively communicating the gospel with the children that I am teaching? Can I tie the gospel into every lesson that I teach?

I haven’t been sharing a “5 point gospel message” every time I teach, but I have started using every lesson to point to Christ and share about salvation.

I was challenged by the 4th point above regarding my application. Is every application I am giving from the Biblical text directing children to live a certain way in order to glorify God? Is Jesus involved in every application?

I hope that I point everyone I teach to God and communicate the gospel clearly to them every time. Whether or not someone will respond to the gospel is up to the Holy Spirit as He works in them and through me. As a communicator, I am continually trying to share about Christ with every lesson I teach.

How do you tie the gospel into your teaching? Do you have any special ways that you share applications with children that point them to Christ and the glorification of God?