Father’s Day Fun Facts!

c188610_sIt happened. Time flies, then all of a sudden Father’s Day is here! Didn’t plan for it? No worries! Here is a fun activity that you can do with your younger children as a gift to their dad. This works great as a supplement to a Sunday School or children’s service lesson, or as a Father’s Day gift. Simply have your children fill out the worksheet below with their best answers. Get ready for some laughs!
Father’s Day Fun Facts!
  1. My dad is ____________________________ years old.
  2. My dad loves to wear __________________________.
  3. My dad always likes to _________________________.
  4. My dad’s favorite food is ________________________.
  5. My dad likes to take me to _______________________.
  6. My dad makes me laugh when he says _____________.
  7. I like it when my dad ___________________________.
  8. My dad is really smart because he _________________.
  9. I love to hang out with my dad because _____________.
  10. My dad is a great dad because ____________________.