by Zondervan: Website and App Review


The Adventure Bible is a cool resource for kids. It is one of Bibles that I see young children use frequently as one of their first Bibles. Recently, Zondervan also created an Adventure Bible website for children! Here is a description from Zondervan about the top ten reasons to use the Adventure Bible website:

  1. Online Bible Games: Includes games for Bible trivia, the books of the Bible, Bible maps, and Scripture memory.
  2. Activity Sheets: Includes crosswords, word searches, matching games, and fill-in-the-blanks.
  3. Bible Memory Flash Cards: These are printable Bible memory flash cards for children.
  4. Teaching Visuals: Includes illustrations and timelines.
  5. Bible Maps: Shows where things happened in Bible times.
  6. Online Bible Search: Includes a Bible verse finder and children’s study notes.
  7. Devotionals and Reading Plans: A place to start as kids read more on their own.
  8. Children’s sermon outlines and bulletins: Ready-made topical sermons for children.
  9. Kids’ Worship Bulletins: Fun learning activities for all ages.
  10. Topical Index: Help for creating children’s lessons.

I jumped over to the website and took a good look. It has tons of great resources for children, and even has several resources for children’s ministry leaders and volunteers, including children’s sermon outlines. The Bible Search tool is pretty cool (think for children). Other great resources include the teaching visuals, the Bible maps, the Bible memory flash cards, and the children’s devotionals. is an excellent resource for kids. While the website and many of its resources are free, there are sections of the website that you can access only by registering (it’s free registration, so it’s easy to do). I should also note that the Bible games only work on non-mobile devices. The upside is that there is now a Bible Memory app for kids, which is available on all mobile devices. You can check out the video below for information:

I would recommend both the website and the app for younger children, starting at age 6. Many young children are very tech-savvy, and this would be a great website to focus their attention on. Think about it: they can either play Angry Birds, or they can learn about God’s Word. Easy decision, right?

If you are interested, you can check out the Adventure Bible website and see for yourself all of the great resources to be found. If you get a free moment, please drop a comment and let me know what you think about the website and Bible Memory app. Enjoy!