Entrusted Tweens Curriculum by Awana Review & Giveaway

Entrusted is a four-week curriculum designed by Awana to help tweens develop a missional worldview and to help parents and leaders build relationships with each other as they build into the lives of their tweens. Here is the purpose of Entrusted (from their website):


“At its core, Entrusted is about giving churches and families a tool that engages tweens’ hearts, stretches their minds, and stirs their souls. Entrusted is four weeks of forming a young person’s view of God, themselves, their community, and their world. This could be a catalytic move toward the start of something beautiful.”

Before we dive into a description of how the curriculum works, check out this video:

Entrusted curriculum for tweens is a solid four-week curriculum that gives ministry leaders and parents effective tools for teaching their tweens. This curriculum includes:

  • Four weeks of downloadable lessons, story scripts, and instructional videos for leaders and parents
  • Training videos for leaders
  • Videos for parents, so that they can get involved in the curriculum
  • Resources for building missional worldviews, such as: infographics, articles, whitepapers, and more
  • Guide for using digital curriculum
  • Serving opportunities for families and tweens

Personally, I think that this is a great children’s and middle school curriculum that will help teach your students about having a missional worldview. Not only will tweens benefit from this curriculum, but parents and leaders will benefit as well. You can find out more about the Entrusted curriculum or purchase it on their website.


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The deadline for the contest is June 14th. Thanks for entering, and enjoy the review! Don’t forget to check out the Entrusted curriculum on their website!


UPDATE: The winner of the giveaway is Werner Morgenstern!

  • vanessa

    The theory of the curriculum sounds good, if it plays out in real life. I like that it involves families in serving. Not sure if four weeks is long enough to build a missional worldview though. Definitely would need to be followed up.

  • Werner

    I like this curriculum. I love the Training Videos, and ALSO the Parent Videos. We need to, as a church, engage the parents as a part of the spiritual Development of their children and tweens. Tweens are right in the middle between being a Child, and a Teenager. All the big Companies have realised the potential for those kids, and what decisions they make. They push their marketing towards that age group (think Nickelodeon, and Disney, and the Clothing stores).

    So we need to help the parents, that they realise how important it is to help tweens to build their spiritual worldview.