Eikon Bible Art Website and Resources Review

Eikon Bible Art is a website devoted to providing stunning graphics that can be used as excellent visual aids for teaching in children’s ministry. Have you ever wanted to display pictures while teaching a Bible story, but couldn’t find any pictures that suited your needs? Eikon Bible Art has an expansive selection of resources that can help! Before I review a few of their products, please check out this trailer video:

My favorite Eikon Bible Art resources are the Bible Powerpoint slides. These slides are excellent visual aids that teachers can use for any Bible story. From the beginning of Creation, to the life of Jesus, there are many useful Powerpoints available to teach specific Bible stories. Included with each Powerpoint is a PDF with lesson points, a Bible word game, and a memory verse.  If you are interested, they have provided a free sample Powerpoint about the Bible story of the Road to Damascus.

eikon_0001_LRGAnother great resource from Eikon Bible Art is their comic books. They currently offer five different issues of The Legends of the Faith, and a comic book of Harper the Hero (which has been used as a gospel tract to reach numerous students in the UK). Each of these comic books is well done, and I would recommend them for children and teenagers. The best part is… they are very affordable at $1.50 per comic book! Harper the Hero comic books are on sale right now for $1.50 per issue, making it a great and inexpensive gift for children.

9781904064947_LRGAlso included in the Eikon store are DVD’s, short films, books, and even several Powerpoint presentations of the lives of missionaries David Livingstone and Mary Jones! These are definitely worth checking out as well.

Well, there you have it! Interested in any of these cool resources? Don’t forget to use the special discount code “KIDMINTOOLS25” for 25% off of your online order!

Take a moment to check out these children’s ministry resources on the Eikon Bible Art website. Have you used any of these resources before? Please drop a comment and share your feedback with others!