How to Predict Your Own Coin Toss Correctly Every Time!

c262842_mLet’s be honest: Everyone wants to be able to amaze their friends and the children in their ministries by performing cool tricks. Chances are, you will often have a quarter in your pocket that you can use to perform a cool coin toss trick yourself!

Here are the instructions you need to predict your own coin toss correctly every time:

  • First, you need a quarter that has the bald eagle on the back (between the years 1965-1998).
  • Then, you need to make sure that you perform the whole trick by yourself. This means that you will flip the coin and catch it yourself.

Now you are ready for the trick! Flip the coin and catch it in the base of the middle of your fingers (between the palm and fingertips). While you are turning the coin over to place it on the backside of your other hand, run over the surface of the quarter with your thumb.

Alright, here is the secret! The “heads” side of the quarter will be smooth, and the “tails” side of the quarter will be rough. When you run your thumb over one side of the quarter, you will be able to secretly figure out which side will be facing up because of the texture of the side that is facing down! For example, if you flip the quarter and feel that the side that is going to face down is rough, you will want to make sure you call “heads” because the smooth side will be facing up. By doing this, you will be able to predict your own coin toss correctly every time!

There it is: the secret it out! Practice it a few times, and go impress your family and friends! If you work with children, show this trick to them at church and amaze them week after week!