Training Youth to be Children’s Ministry Leaders

c299971_mHave you ever considered training the youth in your church to be volunteers in your children’s ministry? If you haven’t before, you should start! The youth in your church are probably yearning for the chance to serve and take some form of leadership. Giving them the chance to serve in the children’s ministry will both grow them as leaders and help your children’s ministry to grow and prosper. The students are at an age where they are just discovering what they are good at, and they want to use those abilities in a ministry. As the children’s pastor/director, you can train them to use their abilities and give them the resources to do so. Here are a few steps that you can think through to start this process, or to improve the training system you already have in place.

1. Do you have a couple volunteers who would like to teach? Train them first! Walk with them through the preparatory steps, giving them the resources you use to prepare your own lessons. After they are ready, give them the chance to teach in a smaller group. Be there to encourage them, and give them positive and constructive feedback afterwards! The more they teach, the better they will become.

2. Do you have youth who have talents like doing crafts, playing music, running games, etc? By giving them the chance to lead, they will grow in their faith and their leadership. Many leaders in ministry today first served as youth in their church. Think of creative ways that you can let your youth take leadership roles in your ministry. You could let them lead worship, lead a craft, use a puppet, run a game, or run a small group! The possibilities for leadership are numerous, it is just up to you to help them lead.

3. One thing we sometimes don’t think about as children’s ministry leaders is the fact that there are youth that can actually connect better with certain kids than we can. Whether you are at a small church or a large church, recognizing the importance of youth that can connect with children is essential.

4. Mentoring the youth to become effective disciple-makers themselves is very important for both the youth and the children in your ministry. For this mentorship, don’t forget to team up with your youth pastor so that you can both help the youth learn how to disciple others and maximize their talents as they learn how to serve in ministry.

Youth can become vital ministry leaders in your children’s ministry. Are you building them to become effective disciple-makers?