Object Lessons on Resisting Temptation

Here are four ideas for object lessons on temptation. They are great illustrations that you can use to help teach a children’s lesson on this important subject.

c155335_m1. Tug of War: For this object lesson, have two volunteers play tug-of-war. One volunteer will hold one end of a rope, and will be “the devil and the world.” The other volunteer will be on the other end of the rope, and will be the “Christian.” While they begin to pull each other back and forth, explain how Christians need to fight against the temptations of the devil and this world. As the Christian begins to lose, begin reading Scripture (1 Cor. 10:13) as a third volunteer comes in and pulls the Christian back as the victorious winner. You can then explain how God is with us in times of trouble, and He does not give us anything that we cannot handle.

c157602_m2. Candy Trap: For this object lesson, take an opened box and cut a small hole in the side of it. Then take a rope and stick it through the hole and tie a knot on the other side. Next, prop up the box on one side with a stick or other object, so that the floor underneath the box will be visible to the children when you actually do this object lesson. The last supply needed is candy! Place a candy bar under the box.

When you are explaining your trap to the children, tell them that temptation always looks good (just like the candy bar), and explain how when we give into temptation, it traps us very quickly! At this point, you would pull the rope and let the box fall down, trapping the candy bar inside. This object lesson can then launch into a talk about the effects of temptation and how to resist it.

c157853_m3. Watch Those Eggs: For this object lesson, you will need a blindfold and a dozen boiled eggs. When start your lesson, ask the children for temptations that people face. Write down twelve of their suggestions on the boiled eggs and set them on the ground. The best way to situate the eggs is to make a small path and spread the eggs out on this path. Invite one of the children to come to the front and challenge them to walk through the path without stepping on any eggs. The child should walk through easily and reach the other side without breaking any eggs. Thank the child and let him/her sit down.

c194599_mNow, invite a second child up to the front and blindfold him/her. Ask the child, “Do you think you can walk through this path without breaking any eggs?” When the child replies with no (you may have to reason with the child to bring him/her to this conclusion), then ask the child if he/she would like help walking through the path safely. After the child makes it through the path without breaking any eggs (with you guiding the whole way), explain to the children that these eggs are very similar to temptation. In fact, temptation can sometimes be hard, and we need to ask for help from God and other Christians to make it through! We know that God does not give us more temptation than we can handle, so we can trust in Him and ask for His help to face temptation and make it through.

4. The Armor Of God: Want to get really creative? Find a costume of a full suit of armor, and describe the Armor of God in Ephesians 6 while wearing it! This visual would really help enforce the idea that Christians are in a war, and that Christians need to be equipped to fight against temptation and the forces of the devil.