What’s in the Bible: Volume 10 DVD & Curriculum Review (with a special KidMinTools discount!)

What’s in the Bible: Volume 10 is out! This edition focuses on the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The emphasis is “Jesus is the Good News!” Phil Vischer and his crew (Buck Denver, Sunday school lady, the Pirate, and more) do a great job of bringing up important topics in the Gospels and answering tough questions regarding the 400 years between the Testaments and about Jesus’ life on earth.

My favorite part of this DVD and curriculum is that children can learn the historical information and details about this period of time. Personally, I did not learn this much about Jesus’ life and the time period He lived in until I had reached college. Let me say that again. I did not learn this much about Jesus’ life and the time period He lived in until I had reached college!

What’s in the Bible has provided Volume 10 in two different formats: a DVD for general use and a curriculum set for churches. Both of these formats work well, but the advantage of the curriculum set is that a disc with video clips and small group sheets are included. Instead of just going straight through a DVD, there are breaks in the DVD giving your group time to participate in small groups. There is also a time for Bible trivia, something that I found quite exciting and fun myself!

Coloring Page

Also included with the curriculum are coloring pages illustrating each lesson. This is a great curriculum that I would recommend for use in children’s ministry, whether that be in Sunday school, children’s church, or weekday small groups or events. I would also recommend this for parents!

The information in Volume 10 is very deep but presented in a way that children can understand.  I would recommend this DVD and curriculum for all ages, but would especially recommend it for ages 7 and older. What’s in the Bible has even provided several video clips for you to demonstrate the information that is taught, such as the four Jewish groups of Jesus’ day and John the Baptist.

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If you are interested in learning more about What’s in the Bible, you can visit their website and learn more. I encourage you to take a look at this curriculum and others in the What’s in the Bible store, and don’t forget to use your special KidMinTools discount!

Have you used this curriculum before? Feel free to drop a comment with your thoughts!

  • ivscience

    I second your recommendation of WITB for kids AND parents.

    We recently started using WITB as curriculum for an intergenerational midweek evening at our church, with good response. Everyone who has come so far seems to be learning and enjoying it. Our group has been ages 5 to 75ish, rather evenly split between adults and children, with several adults who come without kids/grandkids.

    I have three big goals for this program: teach the Bible, strengthen relationships (especially intergenerational) in our church family, and help parents/grandparents develop as disciplers of their children/grandchildren. We’re only four weeks into it, so a little too early to draw firm conclusions, but initial observations strongly suggest good growth in all three.

    We’ve adapted the curriculum a bit. This is partly to reach the broader age range, and partly to improve the diversity of experiences in the class, beyond what the curriculum offers. I have some experience teaching children, but it’s never been my strong point, so this has presented a challenge. Still, the group has engaged consistently and well, so it seems to be working anyway. I attribute this to solid content and good relationships.

    • That’s great! Way to go on making relationships and discipleship your other two focuses. Definitely vital for children everywhere.
      Be encouraged, because most people need to edit curriculum in some way for their ministry setting too. I do it a lot right now using the Gospel Project, which is already a solid curriculum, but I still need to tweak it for our children and volunteers.