LOCAL: A Chicago Children’s Ministry Collaborative Conference

I am excited to be a part of the planning team for LOCAL, a Chicago children’s ministry collaborative conference that is coming up on April 19th, in Chicago, IL. The speakers for the event will be Amy Dolan, Matt Guevara, and Phil Vischer (creator of Veggie Tales and What’s in the Bible). Each of the speakers will be hitting some difficult topics and sharing valuable information, which will then be discussed in groups by children’s ministry leaders from around the whole Chicagoland area.LOCAL Banner B

The reason why many people are so excited about this conference is this: it is more than just a conference! Leaders from around the Chicago area will be able to meet together and collaborate, encourage each other, and get to know various resource providers from the Chicago area.

One of my favorite parts of this upcoming conference is that there will be a complete history of Chicago children’s ministry shared with everyone. Not only will we meet the vast network of children’s ministry leaders in Chicago, but we will learn about years of children’s ministry that has already happened and the work that is still taking place in this city!

Another great resource that will be given to conference attendees will be the book, What Matters Now: Chicago edition. While the WMN series of books is normally printed in a book format, we will be giving the book out this time as a magazine at the LOCAL conference. Leaders from around Chicago contributed to this book, providing a great resource for the most important things about ministry in Chicago!

Live in the Chicago area? You can register online and come! If you don’t live in the area,  please be sure to keep us in your prayers. KidMinTools.com will be hosting the live blog on April 19th for the conference, so check out what’s happening and see if you can get any ideas for hosting a similar conference in your area! We will be including lots of good information about the conference itself as it is happening during the day. Also, there will be conference giveaways (even if you don’t attend!), so be sure to enter the giveaways that will happen only on April 19th, right here at KidMinTools.com.

If you want to find out more about how to prepare for a conference like this, make sure you check out Amy Dolan’s LemonLimeKids website for more information. If you are interested in learning more about how to start a conference like this, feel free to shoot me an email and our team can provide some great insight for you.

I am definitely excited for the LOCAL conference! Have you attended a conference like this in your area? Drop a comment and tell us how it went! In the meantime, check out the LOCAL conference on the official website, Twitter, and Facebook.